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  • G.S.Grewal, Executive Director

    G.S.Grewal, Executive Director

  • Indeed, India is an agrarian economy. With the appropriate climatic conditions and the rich fertile land, the country has huge potential to become one of the leading producers of various agriculture products. Though the country is flourishing with raw materials, it still lags when it comes to the adoption of advance scientific equipment and tech-driven methods for better production. Observing the scenario of the agriculture sector and its effect, Kubota Agricultural Machinery is striving to solve one of the most complex problems prevailing in the country by building an ecosystem to disrupt the agriculture sector by blending innovation to improve the socio-economic status of the farmers. Kubota is a Japan-based leading manufacturer of agriculture machinery with subsidiary in India and other countries. Under the aegis of G.S.Grewal, the company strives to be technically

  • G.S.Grewal: Fostering a Future of Tech-Driven Agricultural Ecosystem in India

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Top 10 Leaders In Agriculture - 2021

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  • Top 10 Leaders In Agriculture - 2021

    Agriculture has always been a lifeline for India. Through the years, the Indian agricultural industry has undergone vast changes from its traditional methods. Rich fertile land, plenty of water for irrigation, and domestication of crops and animals are the reasons for abundant growth of Indian agriculture. The evolution of science and technology has enhanced the industry further. Today, technologies like Remote Sensing, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geo-infomatics are used in solving various problems faced by the agriculture industry and has helped to multiply the yield multifold times.

    Today, everyone is educated and people who are specialized in agriculture engineering, crop science, genetic plant breeding, agriculture economics & farm management, horticulture, animal husbandry and soil & water management are turning towards various agriculture related businesses like seed companies, agriculture equipment companies and agriculture product business. Even the owners of large farms are well educated and have good ideas and excellent business eyes. These changes are giving birth to many entrepreneurs in the agri sector, some of whom have been tremendously successful and have established strong roots in the business.

    This issue of the CEO Insights magazine introduces you to a list of 'Top10 Leaders in Agriculture - 2021' bringing to light individuals who have helped in the transformation and growth of the agribusiness sector of the country. The list has been crafted by a team of industry veterans, CEOs, VCs and the CEO Insights editorial team, thus delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of a powerful nation.

Top 10 Leaders In Agriculture - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Goodricke GroupGoodricke Group Atul Asthana, Managing Director & CEO Atul has 33+ years of impeccable experience in business operations in production and operations of tea products with topnotch skills in strategic planning and operations management
JK Agri GeneticsJK Agri Genetics Bharat Hari Singhania,Chairman Contributing and upholding sustainable development for industrial growth with comittment towards enhancement of life quality of people and well-being of social growth
Advanta IndiaAdvanta India Bhupen D,CEO An active member of professional affiliations such as NVA India Business Council and the Asia & Pacific Seed Association with over 30 years of experience in the food production industry
GeolifeGeolife Dr. Amit Tripathi,CEO An agribusiness professional with over two decades of experience in the Plant Nutrition/ Neutraceuticals, Organic farming, Crop protection through Biological Solutions & Softer Chemistries areas
Kubota Agricultural Machinery IndiaKubota Agricultural Machinery India G.S. Grewal, Executive Director A creative solution provider with experience in Sales & Marketing, Channel Development & Customer support with skills in team management, key account management and competitive analysis
Rasi SeedsRasi Seeds M Ramasami,Founder A self-made professional with a strong desire to serve the farmers with various national & global agriculture and policy guiding forums
Nuziveedu SeedsNuziveedu Seeds M. Prabhakar Rao,Group Chairman & Managing Director An alumnus of Banaras Hindu University with second rank in the University in B.Sc (Agriculture), first rank in M.Sc (Agriculture) and recipient of the Gold Medal and Merit Scholarship during post graduation, he is following in his father’s footsteps towards agriculture development
Godrej AgrovetGodrej Agrovet Nadir Godrej,Chairman & Non-executive Director Fostering the development of animal feed, agricultural inputs and chemicals businesses with his excellent experience in research and development
Raghuvansh AgrofarmsRaghuvansh Agrofarms Subodh Agarwal, Managing Director With years of experience in the farming industry, after completing undergraduation from Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Subodh is contributing immensely towards the progress of the company
National Agro IndustriesNational Agro Industries Sukhdev Singh, Managing Partner With an experience of 50+ years in agriculture industry, Sukhdev has contribtued to the company in becoming the pioneer manufacturer of Seed Drills in India

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