| | OCTOBER 20198With an English Hons. from Delhi University and a Diploma in Applied Arts, Moonmoon is taking Nmami Life to newer heights by leveraging her marketing and leadership experience.There is no limit to what women can achieve - Michelle Obama in India, there is a direct and vital impact of women em-powerment on the economic growth and de-velopment, especially the women workforce of Corporate India. Women leaders from India have positively impacted the corporate world not just in the country but worldwide, be it An-shula Kant who has recently been appointed as CFO & Managing Director of World Bank, or Zia Mody who advised telecom major Airtel on its merger with Telenor group, and the list is a lot more. Many companies today have created a work culture that is pro-woman and encourages women to lead the front just like how it was for men a few years ago. Every organization must incorporate and support a work culture which is directed towards the objective of empowering women and making them better leaders. A recent analysis conducted by the World Bank says that the Indian economy can grow in double digits if more women participate in the product line of the Indian economy. By Moonmoon Agarwal, Co Founder & Director, Nmami LifeTHOUGHT LEADERSHIPWOMEN EMPOWERMENT IS THE WAY TO GO TO GROW THE INDIAN ECONOMYMoommoon Agarwal, Co Founder & Director
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