| |May 2019608383442222440Thought Leadershipex p er t s ta l kl a s t wo r dSmart PoS: Moving from Point of Sales to Point of Experience & SatisfactionThe Science of Selling: Understanding How Today's Sales are Controlled More by ScienceGrowth Or Processes: Which Come First For Startups?Brands Harnessing CRM Tools to Build LoyaltyHow to Use Technology to Drive In-store StrategiesFunctional Food, Ayurveda WayOptimizing Technological Applications in the FMCG IndustryAmit Shrivastav, Project Manager, Kellton TechManik Kinra, Co-Founder, Pin ClickVenkatesh Rangachari & Vipul Gupta, Co-Founders, Hypersonic AdvisorsAjay Chauhan, Co-Founder & CEO, SalezShark Inc.Kunal Mehta, General Manager- IT & Lifestyle business, RaymondAmeve Sharma, Co-Founder, Kapiva AyurvedaB Krishna Rao, Senior Category Head, Parle Productscontents
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