| |May 20198Retailers today know more about the purchase journeys of customers on digital chan-nels than inside the physical retail stores. It's ironic because physical stores should know more about customers' behavior attributes and shopping patterns than the systems tracking them virtually. Thankfully, the smart Point of Sale platforms, are cementing this wide gap with pace and precision. More than being merely a trans-action facilitator, the modern day POS terminals are about offering seamless omnichannel experiences to customers and merchants. They boost the flexibility and agility of retail organizations and helps with intelligent reporting on constantly changing trends and customer be-havior. Not only do these platforms facilitate cash and inventory moni-toring, but also generate valuable customer insights and integrate di-verse business transactions across locations, platforms, and devices. Evolution of POSJames Ritty embarked on the POS journey in the year 1879. Initially, the platform was just an `incorrupt-ible cashier' that helped him in reg-istering transactions performed for his saloon business. Years later in 1906, Charles F. Kettering powered the incorruptible cashier with an electric motor. And finally, in the year 1970, the stepping stone for the modern day POS was kept, when it was computerized. At present, the POS systems are a complete retail management solution. The Role of POS in the Contem-porary Business EnvironmentIt was only recently when industries started seeing the impact of digi-tally revolutionized PoS, so much so that a study by IHL figured the mPOS (mobile Point of Sales) software installs are up by 41 per-cent in NA (North America) YoY (year-on-year) basis. Over the years, a trend is ob-served where PoS systems have evolved from mere cash registers to complete retail management solu-tions. This has enabled retailers to stay on top of their inventory, CRM, reporting, and e-Commerce from a single platform. The POS systems of today are more portable, afford-able, and digital. However, there's still a huge scope for disruption at this stage. SMART POS: MOVING FROM POINT OF SALES TO POINT OF EXPERIENCE & SATISFACTIONBy Amit Shrivastav, Project Manager, Kellton TechAmit ShrivastavAmit is passionate about delivering superior customer experience and has helped organizations jump start their digital transformation journey. He believes in creating sustainable experiences using latest trends in technology.THOUGHT LEADERSHIP
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