| |May 20198THOUGHT LEADERSHIPTo be a part of best company to work for, con-sistent efforts need to be undertaken to focus on any company's core assets, Happy Employ-ees. Employees stay satisfied because of team's morale & motivation that reflects on company's ef-forts and quantifiable achievements at any point. We should measure company's growth on criteria, namely executive team effectiveness, innovation at work, flex-ible working hours/work from home option if avail-able, and people-focused programs for motivation and keeping-up employee's high spirits. Through this activity, employees report high level of trust, credibil-ity, and pride in their work, camaraderie, and employ-ees experience benefits while working regardless of who they are or which department they work at.Only Monetary Perks are not Beneficial, Non-Monetary Perks Add Zeal to LifeChallenging assignments, excellent working environ-ments, professional managements, and many opportu-nities to train, learn, and execute the most demanding tasks give all the companies a competitive advantage. While most companies reward direct contributions, we should move a step ahead, rewarding indirect con-tributions to recognize people who deliver much more than their given responsibilities.The company's responsibility towards new employ-ees does not stop at salaries and compensation alone. Instead, they should get all possible help to facilitate their settling down. Personal & financial support should be available to employees to achieve their goals out of their professional life. Besides the regular enti-tlements, medical insurance & stock options should be provided to team members to ensure collaboration in company's success.Employee RecognitionThrough a feature of `Gift Work', either in the form of gift and certification or both, on completion of five years and beyond of service years, organizations should recognize their employees. Such initiatives symbolize that teammates have invested their time, trust, effort, energy & thought in bringing awarding results for the company.ENSURING GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE: DEVELOPING PEOPLE MANAGERS WITHIN AN ECOSYSTEMBy Vipul Datta, CEO, FSPLVipul has been instrumental in building FSPL. His experience spans across various domains, including Business Planning, Execution of the Plan, Customer Management, Focus on Strategic Partnerships, Team Management Skills, and De-Risking the Business Engagement.
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