| |April 20194Visiting place of worship has its own benefits, both spiritual and physical as proved by science. Positive energy that these places radiate, and the time that one spends with the eternal God talking to him silently make one connected with the divine. This gives a sense of belongingness & fulfilment and ingrains responsibility among them. So should be the workplace too. In India, workplace is considered as a place of worship and is usually the second home of the employees, as they spend almost half of their day in the office. Hence, people look for a positive and great work environment that provides flexibility, peace of mind and empowers them in all way possible to grow as a professional and individual. With the line between personal and professional life waning with each passing day, the need of the hour is to create a transparent and all-encompassing work culture. Hierarchy has no place in the workplace today. Management's open door policy, freedom to employees to make decisions and experiment (not at the cost of the company), work from home, learning and growth, and many more is what employees look for when joining an organization apart from the financial gains. As creativity has no age and innovation is not an old-age buddy, companies that provide free hand to its young Turks always win the race. On the other hand, women professionals look for a safe, comfortable and appealing work environment that allows privacy and collaboration. As women employees make a larger bracket of workforce today, companies are working towards creating an entire ecosystem that is not just safe, but friendly and collaborative too ­ from their pickup and drop to their most important celebrations ­ becoming a mother. Bringing you stories for such companies who are unerringly the second home of the employees is our current edition of CEO Insights `25 Best Companies to Work for ­ 2019'. What makes these companies enter our list? Read to know and explore their unwavering HR policies that make them the first choice of any employee.Do let us know what you think!Anamika SahuManaging Editoreditor@ceoinsightsindia.comEditorialPositive Work Environment makes All the Difference Vol 02 · Issue 2 - 1 · April, 2019 Publisher Alok Chaturvedi Managing Editor Anamika Sahu Editorial Ananth.V Shefali Mathur Srrayvinya OLM Sushruth R Susila Govindaraj Group Art DirectorAshok KumarAdvertising Managers Amrit Singh Augustin Sunny NoelNoida Ashu Sethi Garima Anandadvertise@ceoinsightsindia.comEditorial queries editor@ceoinsightsindia.comTo subscribeVisit www.ceoinsightsindia.com/magazine-in or send emailto subscription@ceoinsightsindia.comCover price is Rs.150 per issue.Editor Alok ChaturvediPrinted and Published By Alok Chaturvedi on behalf of BizprintMedia Technologies Pvt Ltd and Printed at Precision Fototype Services at Sri Sabari Shopping Complex, 24 Residency Road Bangalore-560025 and Published At No. 124, 2nd Floor, Surya Chambers, Old Airport Road, Murugeshpalya, Bangalore-560017.Copyright © 2018 BizprintMedia Technologies Pvt Ltd, All rights reserved. Repro-duction in whole or part of any text, photography or illustrations without written permission from the publisher is prohibited. The publisher assumes no responsi-bility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustrations. Views and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the magazine and accord-ingly, no liability is assumed by the publisher. Design Manjunath S SivasankarVP - Sales & Marketing Virupakshi PattarGM - Sales & Marketing Monisha.RCirculation Manager Magendran Perumal
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