| | NOVEMBER 20198By Vineet Bhardwaj, Head - IT, Godrej PropertiesIn his 19-years long career, Vineet has held key roles across diverse companies such as GAIL, MARICO Ltd, Reliance, and Aegis, prior to joining Godrej in 2012.In the era of smart automation and vast information which is-readily available, Artificial In-telligence is scripting the possibil-ities for a better future. Over the last two years, AI has become a buzzword, and there has been sig-nificant development around it. IDC predicts that 75 percent of de-veloper teams will use AI technol-ogy in one or more business appli-cations or services. The potential of this technology is enormous, and it can change the way hu-mans interact with machines. Ar-tificial intelligence has the poten-tial to collect and analyze a large amount of information to create insights and come-up with results which are beyond the human ca-pabilities of manual processing. It also reduces the likelihood of a mistake and detects irregular patterns, like spam and fraud, to warn businesses in real time about suspicious activity -- among many other things increasing organizational efficiencies.Currently, varied sectors use artificial intelligence, and it would be difficult to imagine our future without it ­ especially when it comes to business. As per analysis by the research agency ­ Itihaasa, India ranks third in research on artificial intelligence. Further, a discussion paper released by NITI Ayog stated that the country could add $1 trillion to its economy by EXPERTS TALKEXPERTS TALKArtificial Intelligence Enriching Real Estate Customer Experience
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