| | November 20188EXPERTS TALKTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP'Internet of things' or IoT as a concept is much used, but the understanding of its potential remains limited and unexplored. We have seen the inter-net connect with computers, servers, and mobile devices, together in a network which simply means that people can connect to in-formation across the globe. Fast forward a few months and numerous every-day `things' ­ devices and appliances ­ not typically asso-ciated with having communication capabili-ties, can be connected to that same internet and to each other. In other words, IoT is the next wave of technology that weaves techno-logical interfaces directly into products.IoT connects people to the same devices and appliances, and has only begun taking precedence widely. In 2017, Asia experienced 74 percent of increase in internet users as compared to the 36 percent globally. 67 per-cent of these Asian internet users access in-ternet on their cell phones. If you find these numbers astounding, then hear this out ­ by 2020, at least seven devices will be connected to one individual! This means the number of `things' will be seven times our population at the time, and that is saying something! This is how big IoT is!How Technology is Playing a Role in the Real Estate SectorTechnology's transformative impact in busi-ness cannot be denied, and real estate is no exception. The drivers of the sector's tech-nology adoption have been the desire to meet occupant needs more precisely, instill transparency and connectivity between oc-cupiers & landlords, and adapt to changing space usage patterns. Digitisation across the real estate value chain is picking-up mo-mentum in India. As per a CBRE research report, over 90 percent of occupiers and de-velopers have displayed immediate plans for incorporating technologies. Project Management Led by DataBy 2030, the Indian real estate and construc-tion sector will be the third largest globally. Led by a trillion-dollar housing drive and rapid urbanisation, India's real estate surge LEVERAGING THE DISRUPTER: REAL ESTATE & THE INTERNET OF THINGS By Gurjot Bhatia, Managing Director - Project Management, CBRE IndiaHeadquartered in Los Angeles, CBRE is the world's largest commercial real estate services & investment firm offering, a broad range of integrated services such as strategic consulting, transaction & project management, property management, investment management valuations/appraisals, and many other services.
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