| | DECEMBER 20198BESTMAKING YOUR ORGANIZATION THEBy Krity Sharma, Head-People, Tesco BengaluruAn experienced human resource professional with over 19 years of business experience, Krity has held HR operations at various organizations like IBM, Target Corporation, and GE IndiaA google search on `great place to work' gives about 80,20,00,000 results in 0.76 seconds! Extensive research has been done in this space to say the least. Wanting to design the best company to work for remains on top of the strategic agenda for executive teams worldwide. Engaged employ-ees make better decisions and they are more productive and innovate more ­ they go out of their way to make stuff happen. Working with one of the great retail businesses in this world, here are a few things that I have come to truly believe in and are key to how we retain this fo-cus on great place to work. Greater Transparency - Un-leash the Flow of Information The organization of today should not deceive, stonewall or spin. This was always an important lever of engagement and in the age of Facebook or twitter, as companies really need to rethink how they talk to their employees. Some ways by which organisations can move in this direction include: Changing workspaces to be more collaborative (not just within one building but across geogra-phies). Collaboration creates a pool for greater ideas and innovation which is ultimately what will set apart a `great' from a `good' company. Moving to new performance management philosophy which takes us away from formal format and process-driven system to a more frequent performance and de-velopment conversation. It should be less about filling a `form'. It should be about how we inspire ev-eryone to play their part in serving shoppers a little better every day.WorkplaceTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP
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