| | DECEMBER 201919Sushanto Mitragenerating demand for a number of new goods and services. While some of the new demand will be met by existing companies, there is a huge potential for startups across India to build disruptive businesses to capture this market.Apart from the Indian Con-sumer Growth Story, there is also a huge opportunity for Indian software companies to build SAAS products that can be used by Indi-an and overseas businesses. These companies can leverage the avail-ability of technically qualified people in India at much lower cost compared to developed econ-omies. It is expected that Indian SAAS companies will capture 8 percent of the global SMB SAAS market by 2025. This is estimated to take their combined valuation to $50 billion. Last but surely not the least is the potential of Indian deep tech-nology startups in the areas of AI, ML, IoT and Robotics which could bring out winners. Affordable technologies that leverage the availability of technically quali-fied people in India and focus on solving a real problem can build successful companies. In the last four years at least 10 such compa-nies have been acquired by global giants and their numbers will only increase as India becomes more integrated to the global market.Most of these opportunities will be largely in the startup sector and investors who can identify winners at an early stage will be rewarded handsomely as some of them are likely to become billion-dollar companies. The trick of course is to find the right companies. One way is to focus in a sector where one has domain skills and hope that this knowledge will lead us to the right companies and decisions. The other is to join a profession-ally managed angel network that has a mix of analysts and investors with the diverse skill sets so that we can combine our own skills with that of the network so as to find the right companies.
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