| |September 201819Escaping from the office rat race, no more rush hour commutes, no long meetings, no more projects landing on your desk at the last hour on a Friday are some of the reasons why people choose co-working spaces. For years, researchers have been studying the effects of co-working spaces and found difference in attitudes, more meaningful work, more job control and possessing a sense of community between employees working in shared workspaces than regular offices. Studies reveal that while working in co-working spaces, startups and freelancers are now able to get affordable and flexible space whereas larger organizations are able to foster innovation in their workplaces. True freedom, mobility, meeting different people with unique skills and talents are some of the major benefits of working in a co-working space.Studies show that co-working spaces will grow from 14,411 in 2017 to just over 30,000 in 2022 and this is an average annual growth rate of 16.1 percent over the time frame. Also, global number of members will grow even faster than the number of spaces and it will grow from 1.74 million in 2017 to 5.1 million in 2022. Interestingly, corporations are moving to co-working as there is a growing need in workplace flexibility and agility. Similarly, number of self-employed knowledge workers is growing. Co-working spaces nowadays provide amenities such as 24/7 access, virtual office services, pantry and cafeteria, recreational and breakout zones, high-speed free Wi-Fi, IT support and more, thus making them feel the ultimate freedom to work with the peaceful mind.CEO Insights India brings to you the `10 Best Co-Work-ing Office Service Providers - 2018' listing, enumerating the co-working spaces with commendable service portfo-lios. An expert panel of CIOs, CEOs and industry analysts along with CEO Insights Editorial board has performed a diligent evaluation of the co-working spaces before list-ing the leaders and organizations of the segment. These spaces have been creating a distinction in the working culture by providing the employees in their inventive ven-tures. This listing will be fruitful for our readers in their search for suitable co-working spaces that are most con-venient for their lifestyle and work culture.PROVIDERS ­ 2018CO-WORKING10BESTOFFICE SERVICE
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