| | DECEMBER 20194Even in a digital world, products must be shipped every day. And no matter how high your ambitions are, we are here to ship them for you. Around the corner, across the country or maybe to another continent. We support your organisation by providing innovative solutions for transport and logistics that help your business develop and expand.Visit dsv.com or simply call us at +91 22 71 99 90 00 and get things moving.OUR BRANCHESAhmedabad +917949009000; Bangalore +9108061799000; Chennai +914471444000; Cochin +914842377383; Gandhidham +912836297950; Gurgaon +911247199900; Hyderabad +914045570000; Jaipur +911412389169; Kanpur +915122304439/40/41; Kolkata +913330027100; Ludhiana +911612622652; Mahipalpur +911126783303; Mumbai +912271999000; Pune +912071119000; Tirupur +914212243755; Tuticorin +914614550036; Vadodara +912653088156; Visakhapatnam +918912735066/2595066; Zirakpur +911762525777For more information, please contact your local DSV officeor email us at info@in.dsv.comMain services· Full charter· Part charter· On-board courier· Consolidation· Back-to-backAir FreightSea FreightMain services· Full cointainer load· Less than cointainer load· Non-containerised load· Buyer's consolidation services· Break bulkYou need it. We move it.If you feel that the role of a CTO is just about anything technology, you might have to rethink. With big data analytics making its way in every decision making process, it is important for the CTOs too to think out of their obvious and look at the data evaluations to service the company and the clients better. On the other hand, the growing terror of cyber-attacks is something that CTOs need to worry about. Hence, a future CTO with all technology-cybersecurity knowledge will be out of question. They need to find their own way. A painful truth!With time and changing technology, a CTO's position now is a huge advisory role compared to the mere `bricks and mortar' style role of before. Together, the informative CTO along with the company board or management will strategize and drive his/her company's growth. Responsibilities are huge and learning will never end! While the future is more critical, looking at the pace with which new technologies are making inroads to the ecosystem, the role of CTOs will become too big and hence more specialization like CIO, CPO, CISO and many more, will evolve strongly. But beating the challenges and helping their company emerge successfully through every technology transition is what the CTOs have been all about and will be all about. Experience and innovative thought is really the masterpiece one needs. But the right karma (action) cannot be ignored. Featuring some of such expert CTOs who have positively impacted their organization's functions and profits, is our current edition of CEO Insights Magazine's `10 Most Inspiring CTOs in India - 2019'. Read to know more about them, their success mantras, lessons & learning and more.Do let us know what you think!Anamika SahuManaging Editoreditor@ceoinsightsindia.comEditorialThe Krishna of your Chariot Vol 02 · Issue 10 - 2 · December 03, 2019 Publisher Alok Chaturvedi Managing Editor Anamika Sahu Editorial Ananth.V Srrayvinya OLM Sujith Vasudevan Susila Govindaraj Group Art DirectorAshok KumarAdvertising Managers Amrit Singh Shivam AgarwalNoida Rohit Raghubanshi Garima Anandadvertise@ceoinsightsindia.comEditorial queries editor@ceoinsightsindia.comTo subscribeVisit www.ceoinsightsindia.com/magazine-in or send emailto subscription@ceoinsightsindia.comCover price is Rs.150 per issue.Editor Alok ChaturvediPrinted and Published By Alok Chaturvedi on behalf of BizprintMedia Technologies Pvt Ltd and Printed at Precision Fototype Services at Sri Sabari Shopping Complex, 24 Residency Road Bangalore-560025 and Published At No. 124, 2nd Floor, Surya Chambers, Old Airport Road, Murugeshpalya, Bangalore-560017.Copyright © 2019 BizprintMedia Technologies Pvt Ltd, All rights reserved. Repro-duction in whole or part of any text, photography or illustrations without written permission from the publisher is prohibited. The publisher assumes no responsi-bility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustrations. Views and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the magazine and accord-ingly, no liability is assumed by the publisher. Design S.Sivasankar Mohana KrishnanVP - Sales & Marketing Virupakshi PattarCirculation Manager Magendran PerumalCorrespondents Sigma Mohanty Subhadarshani Mohanty
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