| | DECEMBER 20198THOUGHT LEADERSHIPOn the face of it, golf ap-pears to be very simple, but it is only once you are out and about on the course that you realise that golf is not a cake-walk. Learning to be an ace at AI and knowing it inside-out is an art, just like learning to play golf is. So, where does one start? Step-1: Get on to the range before you step on the greens, step-2: learn the fundamentals of the game, from the tee to the hole, and final-ly, step-3: fine tune every learning to attain that perfect round. Once you get the hang of it, then you start perfecting the game work-ing on the finer aspects like the Drive, Short game, chipping, Put-ting, and others. There is nothing as fascinating as the marvel that golf is ­ just like AI! Getting your fundamentals right is the key before proceeding. Chatter about AI has been doing rounds from boardrooms to ballrooms for quite a while now. Apprehensions and praises for the magic that AI brings-in to our mundane lives are being IF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WAS A SPORT, WOULD IT BE GOLF?Srikanth has been associated with Oracle for over a decade now, prior to which he has held key positions across multinational corporate such as Cisco Systems, Trend Micro, and Wipro Infotech, to name a few.By Srikanth Doranadula, Senior Director & Head - Systems Business, Oracle IndiaAI IS USED TO BUILD ON OBSERVATIONS AND FORMULATE AN ACTION PLAN BASED ON THE COMBINATION OF WHAT'S NECESSARY OR ESSENTIAL
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