| | November 20175`Leaders'! Who are they? Our dictionaries define them as the trailblazers, pioneers, front runners, trendsetters and in several other ways. But can today's leaders be defined in just few words? No. Breaking the conventional way of creating more followers, today's leaders are empowering these followers to emerge as `LEADERS OF TOMORROW', and are engaged in creating new solutions for the community they serve. One of the most fundamental pillars of our society is education, and there is a huge dearth of leaders in this sector. While there are several individuals who provide run-of-the-mill solutions bringing no substantial change in people life, they prefer themselves to be labelled as leaders.The name Steve Jobs rings a bell ­ he was the leader of technology. But is there any name that triggers when we say education? Probably not. But there are people who have been silently working for years to change this scenario. And in this edition of si-Education, we present to you the story of few Education Leaders who have been the catalyst of this change. We bring to you the story of their struggle, their challenges, their share of success & failures, and a little bit about their personal life. Each one of the featured leaders are unique in their way and is contributing considerably towards creating a better, educated society where kids to young minds, all have access to education without any hassle. With proper use of technology, they are not just making education cheaper (price wise) but also making it accessible to a larger populace. I hope the stories inspire more minds and more followers to emerge as future leaders. Anamika SahuManaging Editoreditor@ceoinsightsindia.comEditorialCreating LEADERS of TOMORROW
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