| | DECEMBER 20198EXPERTS TALKEntrepreneurs are innovators, learners and inherent leaders. They are the building blocks of society. True entrepreneurs are who work for society and make their life easy.When we talk about entrepreneurship, it's not just about designing and running a business. The term brackets creativity, creating opportunities and most importantly, ensuring that the business moves forward along with the society.A society needs a culture of entrepreneurship as much as entrepreneurship needs societal value for long term survival. The prominent example of an entrepreneurship is given by Google, world's largest corporate renewable energy purchaser, and Levi's Strauss' jeans that are contributing to water scarcity. Entrepreneurship is the best way to give back. Entrepreneurs can contribute in building a social fabric when the priority is understood as refurbishing a better society and, thus understanding the responsibility of making this world a better place to live.Entrepreneurs are young scientists who understand the need/gap of society and tries to provide it with vital solution. Entrepreneurs are the ignitors of economy's engine. Economy and entrepreneurship are two sides of one coin and therefore, we can say that prosperity of society depends upon entrepreneurship because entrepreneurs are utilizing their own resources and contributing in building a new eco system along with providing jobs to many others and, thus raise the bar of nation's GDP. Entrepreneurs are the jobs creators and not job seekers.Entrepreneurs drive the economy at their own pace by using their entrepreneurial energy and creativity. Entrepreneurs are the ones who take the risk for profits, and are opportunist who satisfy the unsatisfied needs of society. Today, what differentiates a successful business from a blunderbuss one is the impact they have on the society in terms of jobs, carbon footprint, social change and simply making life easier.We all see these big entrepreneurs, but what is the mantra to become an entrepreneur? Who is an entrepreneur? Answer to first question, Chanakya, a common man who made a king out of another common man. A true entrepreneur is who is capable of seeing good in others, and who is working towards benefitting the society as a whole.An entrepreneur is a risk taker and entrepreneurship comes with huge critical thinking and implementation in reality. The first step to become a successful entrepreneur is to be open for learning and learning comes only when one becomes egoless and keeps no shame in learning from anything and everything. All successful entrepreneurs have few things in common as their major characteristics, as chronicled by Chanakya:ENTREPRENEURSHIP, ECONOMY & SOCIETYBy Sanjeet Singh, Dean, Chandigarh UniversityA strong business development professional graduated from GNIMT, Sanjeet specializes in analytics, curriculum development, employee relations, soft skills, e-learning & startup mentoring areas, and holds a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry.THOUGHT LEADERSHIPSanjeet Singh, Dean
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