| | DECEMBER 20198PERVASION OF DIGITALIZATIONPERVASION OF DIGITALIZATIONShailender holds an extensive ingrained experience of years, working in senior key roles positions at several major global tech companies like CMC, Microsoft India, IBM India, Quest Software, BEA Systems India and currently at Oracle India.India's $5 trillion Economy Vision Hinges on A Strong Digital foundationDigital transformation, once considered a key discussion topic amongst CXOs, has started becoming mainstream. The sheer pace of digital transformation is incredible, impacting companies of all sizes, across industry sectors. Taking note, the government has identified digitalization of every sector as one of the ten leading targets in the next decade. Will this pave the way for the creation of a strong digital ecosystem by 2024-25? Earlier this year, the Government introduced two new policies: the National Policy on Electronics (NPE) and the National Policy on Software Products (NPSP), with an eye on further empowering the nation's growing digital economy. Both these policies aim to help India build a comprehensive digital manufacturing and R&D ecosystem, and are expected to supplement digital transformation efforts already underway, as part of the `Digital India' programme. Reiterating its commitment to build a strong digital economy, the Government, in its Union Budget for FY 2019-20, invited additional investments to boost India's digital prowess. For starters, India's digital consumer base is the world's second-largest, as well as the second-fastest growing among 17 major economies, as per findings of the latest India Economic Survey. And this base is core to the creation of future economic value and societal empowerment as digital solutions backed by new-gen technologies such as COVERFEATUREShailender Kumar, Regional Managing Director, Oracle India
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