| |December 20198EXPERTS TALKIn an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Arman shares his insights about the ongoing job trends in the engineering vertical, the current skill deficit among job aspirants, and many other factors.What are your thoughts on the current engineering job market in India as well as on the trends that can greatly impact and revolutionize its present state? I am really positive about the job market. As business is accelerating towards Industry 4.0, the demand for skilled talent is at an all time high. In fact to some extent there's more competition between the employers than employees for skilled talent in the market. You would think if there are jobs, why do we end-up talking about unemployability in India so of-ten. Yes, there are employment chal-lenges. The catch is, while the job opportunities are expanding the tal-ent is not upskilling fast enough to capitalize on the opportunities. The challenges are majorly employabili-ty challenges.At the entry level jobs, there's a major disconnect between the aca-UPSKILLING TODAY'S ENGINEERING STUDENTS: AN IMMEDIATE NECESSITYBy Arman Ahmed, Co-Founder & CEO, EdYodaA serial entrepreneur, Arman has incepted three companies ­ Dreams Boulevard, zekeLabs, and EdYoda ­ and has even worked with TCS and BT.THOUGHT LEADERSHIPArman Ahmed, Co-Founder & CEO
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