| | JUNE 20188THOUGHT LEADERSHIPProduct differentiation is a term of the past, with most organiza-tions today, having competing products with identical features. Ser-vice, support and customer satisfac-tion are some of the differentiating factors organizations are focusing on in order to become successful. Today, large number of organizations are in-creasingly adopting such approaches. Even the new industrial revolutions have a major focus on technology & collaboration. We also have to be realistic and understand that such nature is also inspired by our dai-ly activities, where we are spoilt for choice, whether is a cab hailing, ordering food or online shopping. There are multiple competing com-panies, but we are loyal to one or two out of the whole lot. This is most likely owing to our prior experiences or quality of ser-vice. Rushing to the airport to catch a flight and the driver from one cab hailing company reaches before time, opens the trunk, loads your bag B&R Industrial Automation is world's largest provider of industrial automation solutions for machine & process automation, motion control, HMI, and integrated safety technology.ENGINEERING SERVICES: HAVING A MULTI-FACETED ROLE IN VARIOUS INDUSTRIAL REFORMSBy Ninad Deshpande, Head - Marketing, B&R Industrial Automation
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