| | DECEMBER 201919employees to focus on strategic business needs such as retention, training, change management & succession planning. Machine should be used as a HR process re-engineering tool.A: AcceptAccept that change is needed and technology will bring improvements in speed, service and quality.D: DiscoverDiscover the pain areas and need to define and make logical shift. Gather data and explore all possibilities.A: AnalyzeAnalyze the possibilities, aptness, method and gaps to be able to find best combination of man and machine.P: PlanPlan well. Be clear and focused on why, what, when and how! T: TaskTask to closure! Communicate, implement and measure. AND keep reassessing, redefining and redesigning!Algorithms will continue to beat human judgment and make much better assessments in various con-texts. Coach your team members to do what humans can do best and use technology as a tool to accomplish goals. Capitalize on the strengths of machines to en-hance your relationship with your employees. Replace major part of your transactional role with AI and make HR a STRATEGIC PARTNER. Man-Machine collaboration has already improved a lot in HR. How to find that right balance between human touch and technology?· Most important of all, accept and be ready for continuous need to change, adopt and adapt.· Identify what all can and should be automated so team can focus more on engagement & development.· Identify need for change on the basis of Or-ganization's needs and VISION, not just HR department's needs.· HR alone should not plan but a synergy among business team and HR is important to identify how and where automation can help the organization be more productive and competitive.· When blending between human and technolo-gy, plan where to draw the line for each of them. Use technology for all that it can handle (repetitive, tech-nical and methodological) best and humans for all they can perform (creative, emotional & flexible) best· Have programs that talks about personalizing employee life cycle designed by individuals & HR. Such initiatives will help in maintaining a fair bal-ance between technology & human touch.· Employees want that human-to-human connec-tion. Technology will always have its limits, and that's where the human touch has to take over. Have forums and events MEET, TALK & CELEBRATE together.Human capital will continue to be the most crit-ical asset and its effective management will be cru-cial to driving sustained competitive advantage. For companies like ours, human touch will be a core part of HR.Technology coupled with a personal human touch is a double win. If we rely solely on technology, we will miss out on chances to build and maintain mean-ingful connects and engagements. However, without technology, it would be difficult to scale and optimize these connects at a required pace--there's a reason we have to have a balance! HR particularly has to evolve to take advantage of the opportunities available from the new technological developments to provide high value-adding levels of service. Technology and hu-mans must work together; it can't be `Human Touch vs. Technology' but `Human touch and technology'. ADAPT is the KEY to FOCUS, ADJUST, FIT & EVOLVE!TECHNOLOGY HAS NOT REPLACED HUMAN TOUCH, BUT IT HAS CREATED THE SPACE THAT ALLOWED HR TO MOVE AWAY FROM SYSTEMS AND SHEETS
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