| | DECEMBER 20198By S Kathir Kamanathan, Chief Financial Officer, Lanco Tanjore PowerHaving completed his CA ­ Accounting, Finance, Tax & Law from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Kamanathan, in his career spanning over two decades, was the Finance Manager for GMR Group, and Head ­ Commercial for Madhurai Power, prior to joining Lanco. I still remember when I start-ed my career in early nineties, Finance function would be lim-ited to Book keeping, Audit, stat-utory compliance and others. By that time, most of the companies had migrated to computerised ac-counting and some into advanced ERP. The strength of the team used to be large, with each activity being controlled and monitored. With the vibrant growth in economy, there are three vital roles in business namely CEO, CFO and CTO. We have come a long way as far as technology is concerned. Apart from ERP now, we use Block-chain, Big data and other technolo-gies to make right decisions in the prevailing complex environment. We have also travelled a long path in the Finance function over the years, wherein the Role of CFO has undergone a massive trans-CHANGING ROLE IN THE DIGITAL WORLDTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP
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