| |October 201919Location: New DelhiAdiva's Complicated Cases: · Successful pregnancy in the age of 64 years (Once Held World Record)· Two twins with birth weight of 800 gm and 980 gm were given a second lease of life· Successfully performed a highly risky 4th Low Segment C-Section on 34 weeks, six days pregnant lady?!?! QU I C K F A C TSPark Extension with easy reachability from every corner of New Delhi. With competency in mere Ob-stetrics & Gynecology (Obs & Gyne), our hospital has evolved into a 40-bedded multi-specialty hub, taking utmost care of all aspects of patients' health. Our philosophy has always been to provide the best quality healthcare services to patients supported by the latest technologies and strong delivery pro-tocols. This philosophy has helped us to drive the brand and also adapt a business model driven by an excellent team of professionals. Moreover, maintain-ing top-notch delivery standards, following all clin-ical protocols, and providing excellent clinical care are projecting Adiva as the most sought hospital in the vicinity. Throw some light on the idiosyncra-sies of your hospital. Also describe about your care program.Our primordial aim has always been to make healthcare accessible to every person who re-quires a reliable service. We safeguard and respect the dignity of our members, while providing health-care services with an accent on health maintenance and proper treatment. Some of the biggest facets of Adiva are having region's finest-experts on-board, pioneering procedures that minimize risks & hasten recovery, and also cutting-edge, round the clock care & emergency services (with ambulance). Our care program offers 24x7 emergency care delivered by senior consultants and highly skilled team of doctors & surgeons. So far, we have success-fully treated over 50,000 patients. Some of the pro-gram's benefits entail private suite hospital rooms with lounge, attendant bed, tea & coffee maker, di-rect dial, English daily newspapers, 150 TV channels, menu preferences, internet facility, power backup, valet parking, foreign money exchange counter, all automatic beds with individual cardiac monitors, and many others. What is the wide range of medical care services that Adiva offers?Adiva has rich expertise across Obs & Gyne, Urology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Nephrology, Non Invasive & Minimally Invasive Surgeries, Pulm-onology, Oncology, Pulmonology, Dermatology, and many other segments. We are capable of executing a spectrum of procedures under one roof, besides of-fering state-of-the-art OT services and 24x7 emergen-cy care (with ICU support) to patients. We also take pride in owning four well-equipped modular OTs and ICU & NICU facilities with complete power backup. Furthermore, some of the up-to-date equipments we deploy are 100W Holmium Laser, Lithotripsy Ma-chine, Digital C-Arm, Flexible Nephroscopes, DUR-8 Flexible Ureteroscopes, Laparoscopic Instruments, Endo Cameras, and Endourological Instruments. Walk us through your future plans.For the future, we aim to provide top-notch healthcare in conformance with national & global standards to all sections of society, achieve professional excellence in delivering quality care with integrity & ethics, and also sail beyond the frontiers of care through research & education. Be it the finest doctors, cutting-edge medicine, state-of-the-art infrastructure or nursing with a smile; Adiva is equipped with nothing less than the best-to-provide phenomenal healthcare services to all age groups2019HOSPITALS 10BEST?!
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