| | AUGUST 201819While Indra Nooyi played a vital role in accentuating the assets of PepsiCo, Sundar Pichai is leading the technical innovation. Indian origin CEOs in the U.S. are leaving a prominent mark on the global market. The Indian bent of mind often brings-in the new twist to international markets through it's never say die attitude and the ability to find a solution to any problem and every problem in an economic & proactive manner. Harvard Business Review has often cited the Indian network of business functioning and is this attitude with highly market oriented business acumen that brings to the global scenario a concoction of a highly lucrative business ideologies. It is therefore, no surprise that some of the top international companies are headed by Indian origins or several Indian companies that have firmly set roots in the American soil, contributing to the economy and increasing employment opportunities to a whopping 35 percent.Saluting the spirit of these hardy CEOs, CEO Insights India brings to you `10 Best Indian CEOs from U.S. -2018'. In this issue, we bring forth the global perspective of some of the brightest tech and business minds that are bringing the international operations under one single roof and offering customers with the comfort of an overseas service provision. Through this issue, we will applaud their efforts in mitigating the challenges that comes with globalisation and international regulations and how they have been able to tide through these changes. An expert panel of CEOs and industrialists, along with CEO Insight Editorial Board has performed a diligent evaluation of the industry before listing the front-runners. These inspiring leaders listed are the ones which have distinguished themselves through their life achievements and success and will introduce our readers to the greatness of their journey and help them to take a leaf out of their book to understand the necessities and build their own enterprises based on similar virtues & values.
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