| | AUGUST 20188By Sakaar Anand, SVP, Software Engineering, CA TechnologiesTHOUGHT LEADERSHIPHeadquartered in New York, CA Technologies is an American multinational publicly held corporation which creates software that helps companies shape the future; manage and secure companies complex IT environment to leverage new technologies and accelerate innovation.W ith every industry em-barking on a digital trans-formation journey, the day is not far off when technology mimics the human brain. Already, in today's application economy, it goes without saying that `today ev-ery business is a software business'. For example, a bank is a software company with a banking license. So exactly, which businesses are true innovators and trendsetters in the digital transformation jour-ney? And how and which software principles enable maximum mile-age. Undoubtedly, it is DevOps that is powering the game big time and is a major game changer across industries.While there are multiple indus-tries, such as healthcare, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, trans-portation, construction, chemical, aerospace and many others, that have embraced technology big time, FinTech industry is one that has effortlessly merged technology with its core operations and process-es. FinTech is one of the remarkable examples of amalgamation of Fi-nancial sector with DevOps imply-ing a business-driven approach for delivering solutions using agile planning & development methods, collaboration & automation. A truly unified approach to merging soft-ware development and software op-erations seamlessly. DevOps applies agile values to operational tasks by ensuring continuous planning, continuous development, contin-uous testing, continuous delivery, RISE OF `HUMAN' ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ON THE HORIZON
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