| | MAY 20199nessing modern analytics, a contact centre can put those metrics into perspective by combining them with customer evaluation scores. Add that to an ana-lytics solution that integrates performance with sales and marketing systems, an organisation will be able to see the real impact of improved customer service on the bottom line.Intelligence in the data centre can also help to mitigate risk. Advanced speech analytics can en-able managers to pick-up any high-risk words be-ing used by agents. They can then quickly address these issues to minimise any risk of regulatory fines or litigation.Advanced, multi-channel `voice of the customer' analytics will also enable agents to deliver a predic-tive and proactive service, which could help to re-solve issues quicker and bring-down service costs. So where to next?Before analytics and intelligent reporting can truly transform the contact centre, there needs to be a shift in thinking. Many of today's data centres are siloed, with specific purposes or business units managed as separate areas rather than collectively. This fractured approach hinders any opportunity for optimisation. The contact centre of tomorrow will be configured differently, with artificial intelligence and machine learning enabling the data centre to assess perfor-mance and optimize delivery.Smarter ManagementWorkforce management (WFM) will also play a key role, as contact centres move to more efficient ways of planning the workload. Manual management of staffing is time-intensive and can often miss the complexities of a multi-channel environment. But with WFM in place, managers can run forecasts and schedules more frequently to create greater accuracy.A good WFM solution also enables the automa-tion of key tasks, while delivering improved report-ing and analysis to give managers a full view of the workload and address any concerns. Managers can then report any insights back to agents to help them deliver a consistent and outstanding customer expe-rience every time.Get Personal with your Contact Centre Contact centres are already developing true om-ni-channel experiences with anytime, anywhere ac-cess across to any device. It's time to move to the new era of contact centre, where customers can reach-out to organisation through any medium, and where organisations harness data to facilitate end-to-end performance management and an enriched customer experience. A GOOD WFM SOLUTION ENABLES THE AUTOMATION OF KEY TASKS, WHILE DELIVERING IMPROVED REPORTING & ANALYSIS TO GIVE MANAGERS A FULL VIEW OF THE WORKLOAD TO ADDRESS ANY CONCERNS
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