| | JANUARY 20213 Software ASTRA Pro is for the design of Bridges, Flyovers, Culverts, Underpasses, Rail Over Bridges in AASHTO-LRFD, BS Eurocode2 and IRC 112 and 6 etc. Stream Hydrology, Synthetic Unit Hydrograph, High Speed Train-Bridge Dynamics, Structures HEADS Pro for the design of Highways, Intersections, Interchanges, Pavements, Rural Roads, Hill roads, Highway Widening, Racing Track. HEADS Rail for the design of Railway, Metro Rails, Tracks, Yards, Turnout Crossovers. HEADS Site for Design of Tunnels, Irrigation Dam, Barrage, Canal, Dredging, Open Pit Mining, Airports, Survey, Land Record Maint.. TransPlan for for Traffic Analysis and Transport Planning, Economic & Financial Analysis, Road Asset Management System . DisNet for planning, analysis and design of water distribution pipe network system. SICap for Signalized Intersection Capacity Analysis of urban streets, by Highway Capacity Manual, TRB. Washington DC, TechSOFT Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2015 Company) Mobile/Whatsapp: +91 9331 9330 39, Tel: +91 33 4008 3349, +91 33 4603 6129 Web site: www.techsoftglobal.com Email: techsoftinfra@gmail.com, techsoft@consultant.com
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