| |December 20198EXPERTS TALKThe ongoing fourth industrial revolution has brought many technological advancements spur-ring growth across organizations from a wide va-riety ofverticals. But, with this,organizational operations and their workforce requirements are transforming, presenting a multitude of challenges for organizations and their workforce. With changing technologies, companies deal with disruption on a regular basis. Business models and job roles need to evolve in pace with this shift. A 2018 studytitled `The Survey of Adult Skills', published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Develop-ment estimated that 46 percent of all jobs have at least a 50 percent chance of being lost or greatly changed.With each passing day, the country's skills gap is expanding at an unprecedented rate. Asjob roles that demand the knowledge and experience of forward-look-ing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, IoT are increasing, jobseekers with the required skillsets are not. Mean-while, the existing workforce feels threatened as auto-mation transforms their jobs while thousands of young graduates arefinding their employment opportunities to be highly restricted. In short, a major skill crisis is underway.Why Do Companies Need Professionals With Specialized Skills In This Data-Driven Age?Today,most companies are becoming data-driven and have an expert team of professionals to managetheir data operations. Organizations have data wranglers to extract information from silos, mixed-format files and secured important repositories. They also have data pro-fessionals who safely distribute it throughout the orga-nization, and most importantly, data scientists who bring this data together to translate it into valuable business CONTINUAL ADAPTABILITY: STAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION & BUILD A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEBy Kamal Dutta, Managing Director, SkillsoftAn IT industry veteran with 25+ years' experience, Kamal has held a variety of leadership roles in the Software Industry across the globe.THOUGHT LEADERSHIPKamal Dutta, Managing Director
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