| | APRIL 20198THOUGHT LEADERSHIPGrowth and employment, the requisites of the Indian economy, lie at the core of manufacturing. Given the fact that India needs to develop at a break-neck speed, manufacturing is one sector that can provide the needed exponential growth, both in terms of robust GDP and job creation. With manufacturing as the logical catalyst to enhance India's econom-ic power, the Make in India initia-tive, perhaps the most ambitious project of the Modi's Government, is undoubtedly the precise vehicle for growth.With the potential that India professes, the Make in India program saw international in-vestments increase soon after its launch. As per World Bank Data, India saw a steady increase in FDI (net inflows) from 2014 until 2016. FDI increased by about 29 percent, from $34.577 billion in 2014 to $44.459 billion in 2016. FDI pre-supposes a plethora of gains. Apart from the apparent benefits of in-frastructure development and job creation, FDI has a positive cascad-ing effect through the value chain as foreign enterprises connect with local businesses. As the economic cycle gets a further boost, FDI is di-rected to higher potential and high-er value adding industries. Foreign investments have shown definite influences on the Indian economy. To cite the mo-bile phone manufacturing industry, over 120 new manufacturing units have been setup by both domestic and global companies during the last four years, making India the second largest mobile phone mak-er in the world. The Samsung's Noida factory is on its way to be-come the largest manufacturing site in the world. It has the strength to become a catalyst for the Indi-an electronics sector, unleashing new technologies, employment upsurge, and an overall economy boost, reminiscent of the times MAKE IN INDIA: CAPITALISING ON A GOOD BEGINNINGBy Padmanabhan Iyer, Managing Director & Global CEO, 3i InfotechPadmanabhan brings with him profound knowledge and over 30 years of experience in the techno-financial arena. Prior to joining 3i Infotech, he was been associated with Reliance Infocomm.
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