| | November 20188THOUGHT LEADERSHIPMobile health or mHealth is increasingly becoming one of the most ubiqui-tous technologies in the health-care space. In many countries, mobile healthcare applications are playing an important role in bridging the gap of healthcare access. Considering the fact that today, the number of patients with chronic diseases are on the rise, Health apps can help patients to remain under constant observa-tion without needing to be physi-cally present at the clinic. Accord-ing to The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), roughly 500 million people globally are already using personal healthcare `apps' (mobile software applica-tions), which is expected to esca-late to over one billion.Having said that, the scenario is quite similar in developing na-tions where mobile health tech-nology is seen as an important tool in improving the health of patients. Here, the Government is able to extend healthcare ser-vices to many rural and impro-vised areas, in addition to metros and urban cities. According to a study conducted by Yahoo's Flur-ry Analytics, the app usage in In-dia is growing at 43 percent year-on-year. Data also reveals that about 323 million people in India access internet through their mo-bile phones, which corresponds to about 24.3 percent of the country's population, eventually leading to an increase to a projected amount of 524.5 million that is approx-imately around 37.4 percent by 2021. As per Google Trends, a tool which helps to understand the rel-ative interest in a particular search term, India ranks among the top five countries for search terms like `mobile health', `health apps', `medical apps' and `mHealth'. This clearly confirms that the Indian population is very inclined to-wards mHealth.Looking at the growth ob-served in the healthcare scenario of the country, mobile technology MHEALTH REVOLUTIONIZING THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF SCIENCETrivitron Healthcare is one of India's leading medical device company offering solutions & services in cardiology & implantable devices, imaging diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics, radiology, critical care & operating room equipment.Dr. G S K Velu, Chairman & Managing Director, Trivitron Group of Companies
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