| |August 20198HOW DIGITAL PLATFORMS HAVE TRANSFORMED THE BUSINESS MODELS OF ORGANIZATIONSHeadquartered in New Delhi, Weblink is full-fledged IT Services company offering an array of services that include Online Promotion, Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Online Reputation Management, SMO, SEO, PPC, Mobile App Development, and Web Hosting Services, to name a few.The Internet has turned our existence upside-down. It has revolutionized communications to the ex-tent that it is now our preferred medium for ev-eryday communication. In almost everything we do, we use the Internet. Within recent years, the concept of `digital transformation' reached a solid and high po-sition in the discussion of leading elements that influ-ence the development and survival of contemporary organizations. In the general sense, digital transfor-mation can be defined as the modification of business models, resulting from the dynamic pace of techno-logical progress and innovation that trigger changes in consumer & social behaviors. This is also a clarion call for organizations to build proactive engagement systems using tools like data analytics and AI, which can help businesses find their next customers.Social media gives the opportunity to keep an eye on target customer base in their natural habitat, and therefore get regular insights into their needs & ex-pectations. If you manage to understand what they want from your business by listening to what they say about it, what they complain about, and which wishes they express, you can better adapt your company to meet these expectations and get an advantage over the competition that neglects to do so. Digital presence is the need of the hour; there's a reason why profes-sionals from almost every industry have jumped the bandwagon and engaged in internet marketing. It's because they have realized the ability of the internet to build brands.Millennials have already had a significant impact on culture, society, economics, and ways of working. And once they hit the C-Suite and gain positions of true executive influence, the whole marketing, and ad-vertising model will get a shake-up once more. Thanks to the booming tech industry and multiple different By Ankit Gupta, CEO, WeblinkTHOUGHT LEADERSHIPAnkit Gupta
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