| | DECEMBER 20198EXPERTS TALKTHOUGHT LEADERSHIPTechnology is as revolutionary as it can get. It is the reason why we are witnessing the trans-formation of the market across all spheres, ac-quainting us all with a new age of efficiency and effectiveness. Disruptive, they say, the technology is. More cognizant veterans know that it is the data ­ and with data, its identification, classification, and tabulation ­ that is truly disruptive. Data has become the new oil and the new gold, after all.However, all data becomes insignificant unless we are able to trace back to its origin as well as where it is applied or can be applied. So, it goes without saying that since customer is the most integral element for any business' success, digital identification becomes an integral part of all businesses, especially the ones who rely on the internet and digital technologies. Digital identification, therefore, is more integral for startups than it is for any other business. Let us try and understand how.Understanding the curious case of data, and how it builds superior business intelligenceTo begin with, let us discuss what startups essential-ly are and how they operate. Startups technically are the businesses that introduce new services and prod-ucts within the market. Fundamentally, they are the businesses operating in the current landscape and enabling the broader market to transition into the fu-ture. Today, this disruptive transition is being chan-nelized through tech-driven startups via the internet. The best part about startups is that they have high scalability and grow at a rate which goes multi-fold By Siddharth Kukatlapalli, Co-Founder & CBO, Syntizen TechnologiesA B.Tech graduate from the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univeristy, Siddharth co-founded Syntizen in 2014, prior to which he held the of Talent Analyst at Deloitte.DIGITAL IDENTIFICATION IS GRADUALLY BECOMING THE BUILDING BLOCK OF DIFFERENT STARTUP MODELS
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