| | APRIL 20185Running an organization is no easy feat! The dreams are shackled, determination crushed, efforts are undone and you even nose dive many a times. Yes, being the Founder/CEO of an organization is a rocket science that can be understood by those who wear their shoes. Hence, listening to them and from them makes a lot of sense. Everyday being a war to be fought with new weapons, their story uplifts our souls to keep apace with these wars. However, there are not many platforms where these leaders can voice themselves on their efforts, how they run their organization, and the innovations they do everyday to bring a change in their customers' lives. Talking to many of the executives highlight the fact that no innovation is a fail until you stop reinventing it further considering the demand of the market. Hence, we decided to provide them a platform to speak their heart out through our CEO Insights magazine - a monthly magazine that will act as the ideal platform for the CEOs to talk about their efforts, strengths, weaknesses, and innovation. This very first edition of CEO Insights is dedicated to speak about `25 Best Technology Companies - 2018'. Featuring some of the eminent technology companies, every story brings out the technological innovations that these CEOs and teams have been doing to make their product more industry and time relevant. Providing deep insights into their offerings, these executives delve further on how they align their mission and vision statements to address the need of the hour. Their industry insights and zeal to succeed with a mission are stories that are going to inspire one and all! Do let us know what you think!Anamika SahuManaging Editoreditor@ceoinsightsindia.comThe Bold Entrepreneurs & InnovationsBUSINESS PRODUCT & SERVICESEditorial
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