| | NOVEMBER 201919 COMPANIES ­ 2019TELECOMCrystal is completing three decades in the field of telecommunications. How do you see the present-day dynamics of technology impacting manufacturing process?Over the years, our employees have learned to adapt to advancements in technology faster than anyone else. With today's automated robotic SMT machines, the process is extremely efficient and turnaround time is significantly reduced. Unlike the old days, there is no human error in calculating production plan and procurement management either.How did you channelize the years of experience on your side towards the firm? What was your agenda?My main agenda was to solve the pain-points of the firm and set the company in an auto pi-lot mode. I helped to build a strong HRM, CRM, and Production management system in-house. With better software systems, we were able to expand PAN India. While digital marketing fur-ther gave us thrust to increase our customer base, leveraging Big Data & Analytics helped us to cater to the requirement of each & every chan-nel partner and meet those requirements with tailor-made solutions.What are the various marketing strategies that you engage? Also, what about your distribution networks? As a B2B company, we have more than 300 ac-tive channel partners across the length & breadth of the country. We believe in imbuing every prod-uct with 100 percent perfection and are never be-ing satisfied with the 99 percent. Prioritizing cus-tomer satisfaction and after sale services is a part of the same belief. To ensure the highest levels of satisfaction, we perform prior surveys of the market requirement. We also try to be innovative with every upcoming product and adapt to the changing technology before it hits the town. On the other hand, we truly believe in Make-in-India initiative and constantly strive to bring-in the most advanced technology to the sector. How do you ensure to maintain the quality and efficiency of your products?Never compromising on the quality of raw material, which in turn bestows the stability of our products, is the key. We procure our raw ma-terial only from authorized dealers or import di-rectly from the manufacturers. We have software systems in place that contrast inward raw materi-al with pre-defined quality parameters. The final product undergoes three stages of quality test to ensure least DOA (dead on arrival). Above all, we have a well-structured production infrastructure, starting right from bare PCB to testing of final product with highly equipped tools.What opportunities do you foresee in the current telecom industry in India, and how are you molding your company to combat the challenges?Today, with the advancement of wireless broad-band in India, I foresee the use of IP based systems would prolong for quite a long time. With this fu-turistic goal, our R&D team has already made an IP based telecom product, which is cost effective and has advanced features. Also, while going forward, with the growing user-base of smartphones and in-ternet, the Internet of Things (IOT) is getting pop-ular. Hence, we are focusing on more cost-effective and faster IP based solutions. We also try to be innovative with every upcoming product and adapt to the changing technology before it hits the town?!?!?!?!?!
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