| | November 20189smartphone deployment to manage the high-traffic of patients in India's healthcare facilities. Smartphone and cloud-based apps have made it easier for healthcare providers to optimize resources and workflows to deliver better and in some cases collaborative healthcare. The Road AheadThe trinity of smartphones, internet and applica-tion-based services promises unending opportu-nities for improving the quality of life for people. This combination has now evolved to become a tool for national integration, economic inclusion, social empowerment and global outreach. The re-cent decision by the government on demonetiza-tion acted as a catalyst to highlight the convenience and efficacy of internet-based applications built on the platform of the ubiquitous smartphone for ev-eryday needs. It is a known fact today that demon-etization was instrumental in increasing the preva-lence of digital payments through smart and feature phone-based applications. The onus now lies on us - the government and industry to pursue innovations that propel the ecosystem to create inclusive technology and solutions for socio-economic empowerment. However, to achieve this, we need to have three clear objectives. 1. Committed Innovation to Increase Affordability: This will allow the value to trickle down to consumers, thereby enriching their lives by enabling them to achieve more.2. Optimization of Infrastructure to Generate Seamless Connectivity: An always on, reliable and scalable infrastructure will be needed to support the growing number of internet and smartphone users in the country.3. Collaboration & Co-Creation between Industry, Government & Academia: Innovation and future preparedness in a cohesive manner will only be possible if all three stakeholders use their expertise towards a common goal. Additionally, the reliance on digital services will also require the need for increased security ­ an area where this public-private-academic partnership can offer the best solution possible. Mobile phones have presented a great potential to have a life-altering effect on the population and further propel the `Digital India' growth story. The increasing internet penetration, high proliferation of mobile devices along with a supportive ecosystem will significantly contribute towards enhancing job opportunities, improving literacy and healthcare in the country at large. THE TRINITY OF SMARTPHONES, INTERNET AND APPLICATION-BASED SERVICES PROMISES UNENDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR PEOPLE
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