| | October 20173SUCCESSIMPLEMENTATIONANALYSISTEAM CUSTOMIZATIONS EXPERIENCEwww.kashvicommunications.comOUR CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM AT A GLANCEDemand ForecastingAggregate Supply / Allocation Production and SchedulingDispatch / Replenishment Network DesignRoute OptimizationProduction / Machine MonitoringMovement TrackingTrack and Trace / Inventory TrackingData PortalsAnnual Operating Planning PortalAnalyticsIS YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN GST READY ?m Indus Momentus Business Solutions, 105, The Central, Shell Colony Road, Chembur East, Mumbai - 400 071.info@indusmomentus.com www.indusmomentus.com Ph.: +91-98210 59033 / India. | | 97699 57283n Optimised Locations reportCost / Contribution reportSensitivity analysis reportnn Optimize your supply chain network with our SCAP / ND tool,a multi echelon Mixed Integer Linear Program (MILP) planning engine used to take care of different clients optimization requirements.
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