| | October 20177Geeta Lachireddy: Giving the Opportunity Back to Society 20Zeba Zaidi Adeeb: Changing the Landscape of Sports in India with Her Passion54Suman Nair: Treading the Path Less Travelled30Nirupama V.G.: Sky Rocketing Into the Digital Space with a Humane Approach42Swati Jain: Making Parenting Fun & Tension Free for Working Parents78Koyalgeet Kaur: Fearless Independent Entrepreneur Driven by Happiness & Satisfaction22Nidhi Jain: Digital Healthcare Path for India60Jayanthi: Building Careers with Passion, Compassion & Multi-Industry Experience36Payeli Ghosh: Embracing the Uncertain to Make a Difference70Karon Shaiva: Think Big ­ Think Foward46Manju Mastakar: An Accidental Entrepreneur Born in the Great Recession82Rooparani Y: A Leader with a Vision & Social Cause50Koheli Puri: Chronicling the Fruits of Steadfastness88Dr. Jugnu Jain: A Woman who Follows her Passion to Change People's Lives58Geetu Chakraborty: An Icon of Grit, Self-Belief & Never-Quit Attitude34Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar: An Entrepreneur Carving Experts out of Fresh Engineers68Niyati Rokani: A Symbol of Trust, Dedication & Commitment44Charu Pahuja: Leading the Future of Client-Centric Business Model80Rumi Sikdar: The Social Entrepreneur Making A Difference in People's Life28Enma Popli: A Juggler - Wife, Mom, Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur!62Kashmira Sethna: A Womanpreneur Epitomizing Determination & Respect38Sapna Patel: Acquiring Success Through Alliances72Dimple Mirchandani: A Young Entrepreneur in Pursuit of Her Passions 86Tanaaz M Bhatia: From a Wall Street Banker to Bollywood Business Woman 52OMEN ENTREPRENEURSMOST PROMISING OF THE YEAR - 2017
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