| | DECEMBER 201819LGBT workers, people with special abilities, millen-nials are surpassing baby boomers and I see positive change: more & more acceptance of diversity.Like all good things, D&I doesn't happen automat-ically. It is a continuous and conscious journey from hiring to grooming people to treating people fairly and giving ample opportunities to grow. I'm happy to see organizations increased focus on D&I, which en-tails talent management at all levels, mentoring high potential female colleagues, sourcing more profiles to have adequate female representations. Increased number of organizations are having mandate to have more women at senior levels and board.InnovativeWorld is changing and past success is no longer a guarantee of future. Who would have thought a de-cade back that world's largest taxi company would own no taxi (Uber); the largest accommodation provider would own no real estate (Airbnb); the most powerful media owner would create no content (Facebook).We would have first generation entrepreneurs cre-ating Unicorns in a decade. Machines would know perhaps everything about you! Disruptive technolo-gy lead has potential to leapfrog India's growth to a developed nation. In the scale, scope, and complexity, the current transformation (advent of fourth revolu-tion) is unlike anything humankind has experienced before. The possibilities of billions of people connect-ed by mobile devices with unprecedented process-ing power, storage capacity and access to knowledge, are unlimited. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new electricity. It is all around us, from self-driving cars and drones to virtual assistants like Siri and software that un-derstands natural language which can manage our money and invest. Impressive progress has been made in AI in recent years, driven by exponential in-creases in computing power and by the availability of vast amounts of data, from software used to discover new drugs to algorithms used to predict our cultur-al interests. Companies use AI to predict everything from the credit worthiness to preferred cancer treat-ment. AI & Blockchain offers huge opportunity for India like in fraud detection, early cancer and blind-ness detection and optimizing agricultural outputs. Data is the new oil and companies are increasingly adopting new technologies.Most Important I: Intrinsic QualitiesI feel this is the best time for talent to grow and prove themselves with less of bureaucracy and more of global reach. AI can automate but it can't have views, it can't have emotions design thinking, critical thinking, leadership which only humans can have.Women and Men who have 3Cs: Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creative thinking capacity would define future leaders. Emotional thinking is the key! Women are generally better than men at it. They have intrinsic qualities that can help them in the fluid, digitalized labor markets of the future. I spoke about Job automation, but by 2030 demand for soft skills will have jumped by another five percent, cre-ating 8.9 million new jobs. Technology has always created more opportunities and ease of work.Soft skills will undoubtedly be more important in the age of AI. AI's strength is in undertaking repeti-tive, predictable tasks at scale and velocity ­ so min-ing big data speedily. But human strengths are about being creative in an original way. The way our brains are wired means that no two humans are same. So, AI will never be able to create the associations and nuances that humans bring to a challenge ­ and that will be a really important differentiator.Other important differentiators will also be the ability to communicate effectively and to empathize, in other words, using people skills that enable indi-viduals to read complex human emotions quickly. We'll see more gender parity, more equitable work-place, more creative and innovative workplace where diverse people with right skillset and attitude get to take on more leadership roles. WE'LL SEE MORE GENDER PARITY, MORE EQUITABLE WORKPLACE, MORE CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE WORKPLACE WHERE DIVERSE PEOPLE WITH RIGHT SKILLSET AND ATTITUDE GET TO TAKE ON MORE LEADERSHIP ROLES
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