MEDIA KIT 2021ceoinsightsindia.comAD SIZE & MATERIALADS RATESPECIAL SIZES PAGE RATESGatefold: `70,000/MonthBanner Ad : `5000/monthFeatured Listing & Logo Promotion: `5000/monthFull Color 1x 3x 6x Full Page 50,000 1,35000 2,40000Back Cover 70,000 1,80000 1,35000 Double Spread Ad 70,000 1,80000 1,35000 Inside Cover(Back & Front) 60,000 1,50000 2,40000 Center Spread Ad 80,000 2,10000 3,30000MAGAZINE SIZEWidth: 8" and Height: 10.2" Spreads (Width X Height)· Doublespread (bleed): 16.4" x 10.6"Doublespread (non-bleed): 15.6" x 9.8" · Note: 0.4" Gutter Space is also included)The above rates are per insertion rates and are applicable to the term of the contract. If the ad is withdrawn before the expiration of the contract, full rates will apply to use ads retroactively. Rates are subject to change at the discretion of the publisher.MATERIALAll material must be submitted as (high resolution) PDF/TIFF/EPS files only. All images in the ad should be embedded in 300 dpi, CMYK. We are not responsible for reproduction differences arising due to material submitted without these specifications | | APRIL 201855Full page bleed8.4" x 10.6"Full pagenon-bleed7.6" x 9.8"Doublespread (non-bleed)15.6" x 9.8"Half page7.6" x 4.9"1/3rd PageHorizontal7.6" x 3.3"1/4th page3.8" x 4.9"Doublespread (bleed)16.4" x 10.6"
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