| | AUG 20198EXPERTS TALKIf I told you artificial intelligence can make edu-cation better, what would you say? Artificial Intel-ligence (AI) is affecting numerous aspects of our lives. As we've noted previously, AI is present every-where, and the education sector is also experiencing changes because of AI. For example, updates to the use of educational systems that include more person-alisation as well as reduced time wasted for teachers and administrators. What's more, new platforms and new opportunities can be expanded upon to create systems of scale for educational institutions globally. AI is taking centre stage in the educational sector, and we're glad to see it. In fact, we think it's upending traditional problems faced by the education system. How, exactly? AI is being used to help students not just find the right study material, but also to assist them with finding solutions to their most pressing challenges. AI is being deeply integrated in the cur-riculum database to expand the horizons of teach-ing. Technology does not limit itself to being a mere teacher. It is taking the role of an evaluator. Of the numerous ways artificial intelligence will adjust the education sector for the better, 10 are outlined below. Enhanced Teacher-AI Collaboration: Physical, hu-man teachers see certain limitations, namely there is no scalable way for students to participate with teach-ers. This leads to gaps between the lessons teachers submit to their administrators and the principles stu-dents understand. With better use of AI (as well as VR and other technologies), participation can become ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS BREAKING THE BARRIERS OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEMBy Sachin Dev Duggal, Founder & CEO, Engineer.aiHaving graduated from the Imperial College London, Sachin, during his 18-years long career, was associated with Deutsche Bank, and even incepted Nivio and shoto, prior to joining Engineer.ai in 2013.THOUGHT LEADERSHIP
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