| |April 20197C o v er s t o ry14Radhakrishna Foodland36STRATACACHE42DSV30AGS Transact Technologies26Featured Companies:Compensation Remains a Top Driver to Attract & Retain Talent in the U.S.; Reveals Gartner's New StudyLineup Management Services Introduces new B2B Tool named `Lineup'David Mertens Named as Ballast Equity's New Business Development HeadIndia & UK Emerge as the Only Countries to Witness a Decline in Ransomware Attacks in SonicWall's Recent ReportViral Nation Named as the `Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency' for 2019 by Influencer Marketing Awards10111213BUZZNEWSCOMPANIES TOWORK FOR ­ 201925B E S T NURTURINGTHE ENTREPRENEURIALCULTUREMINAKSHI ARORA, CHRO
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