| |September 20195Full Page Bleed (Size Width 8.4" x 10.6" Height)Use our Intellectual Capital driven approach for your benefitPLAN & INVEST WISELYYSelection of most appropriate instrumentsYRisk profile built-inYReview of current situationYGap analysisYFuture projectionsYGoal based planningYHandholding for one yearYAssessment of RiskYUnderstanding of financial goalsYSelection of mutual funds after cross-check of their portfoliosYReview of current portfolioYHandholding for one yearYAssessment of RiskYReview of current holdingsYPortfolio creationYUpdates on Corporate ActionsYMonthly reviewYRebalancing as per market conditionsYService for one yearABHIJIT TALUKDARSEBI REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISERINA000006703+91 93242 91687info@attainix.com www.attainix.comConsultant of the Year 2018Intellectual Capital equals Knowledge Assets. Businesses with growing Knowledge Assets will always outperform their peers.Full Page Non-Bleed (Size Width 7.6" x 9.8" Height)±±±±
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