| | JANUARY 20208EXPERTS TALKIn an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Sha-shank explicates about the latest tech trends in the communication vertical, its use cases, and impor-tance in an organization's success.With the world seeing rapid technological ad-vancements, how has technology assisted in communication? What modern-age technolo-gies is the sector looking forward to? It's a changing country, it's a changed globe ­ since my college days! With enablers like availability of cheaper smartphones, low mobile data tariffs and an ever-increasing digital literacy, the country has progressively been moving towards more inclu-sive growth. Social media, Voice, video interactions along with deeper digital networks have fundamen-tally changed the way we communicate on individu-al and community level. Communication via Cloud services, VOIP, LiFi, 4G LTE (and the promise of 5G which is under works through multiple system inte-grators and telecom players) and AI bots are effective enablers of modern age technologies which will only improve and get better.As the communication industry is flourishing at a frantic pace, what future prospects do you think the segment awaits?Service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are becoming big where multiple new-age companies - startups, SMEs to mid-sized companies are becoming more dependent on their hosting, AI and additional services. Most of the telecommunication players are building their own cloud which will be public as a service model; for ex-ample - WIFI as a service, security (firewall), internet of things (IoT), video analytics, RPA - Robotic Pro-cess Automation as a service. These services will be provided to the end customers along with telecom bandwidth. This will, on many levels, change the way companies, individuals - inside and outside private/public areas communicate or will access data. To top these segments, the advent of 5G will only accelerate the developments.By Shashank Randev, Founder VC, 100X.VCA successful entrepreneur and investor, Shashank, in his career spanning over 15 years, has held distinct roles across an array of companies that include Zensar Technologies, NIIT, VCCircle, and Z Nation Lab, to name a few. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS IN COMMUNICATION KEY TO ORGANIZATIONS' SUCCESSTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP
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