| | JANUARY 20209What role does a communication firm play in the success of an organization? How do you think it can aid a company to drive towards excellence?In today's day and age, organizations need to be ag-ile enough to adopt newer tools of communications. We are seeing workflow automation for day-to-day work in media communication being utilized within organizations. BFSI sector has effectively been im-plementing newer communication technologies to enhance the user experience for a digital experience. Other legacy and traditional sectors like manufac-turing can and have utilized IoT & analytics for bet-ter coordination with suppliers.What strategy should a company adopt in order to boost an employee's performance while retaining the top talent of the company?This is more of how a company builds its culture in-ternally. Having a horizontal structure in the early days of a company really helps in the cross-pollina-tion of ideas. Senior management should and needs to develop the capacity to take-in inputs from fel-low workers and continuously unlearn to learn new things, which eventually makes everyone work and progress towards a common goal. How they com-municate effectively and establish a two-way process determines employees' performance. In startups, these could be allocation of ESOPs, vested equity and others.How is this market helping in building a more coherent and cohesive workplace? Also, what are the opportunities prevailing in the space at the moment?Multiple organizations are working towards in-creased cohesiveness at the workplace which re-mains a challenge. Creating a frictionless process is the goal and objective of many CXOs. A simple example of operations would be of firms which are working with System Integrators (SIs) to remove card entry and exit for employees using facial rec-ognition. Not only making it efficient and easy but also enabling loyalty programs around the same. E-health and e-education where customers, patients, students are able to seamlessly access data are all big things which the communications industry can solve for Digital India.On a concluding note, based on your robust industry experience and knowledge, what message do you want to put across to the readers/investors/business partners?Collaboration and agility are key. Role of catalysts for big corporations, larger firms' ability to work with nimble players and the drive for innovation needs to inherently become part of any company's DNA. We have to be more innovative and look at startups as one channel to drive disruption. From an inves-tor's perspective, startups as an investment class are risky, but no better time to start looking at investing into them. SENIOR MANAGEMENT MUST TAKE-IN INPUTS FROM FELLOW WORKERS AND CONTINUOUSLY UNLEARN TO LEARN NEW THINGS, WHICH EVENTUALLY MAKES EVERYONE WORK AND PROGRESS TOWARDS A COMMON GOALShashank Randev, Founder VC
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