| | JULY 20188THOUGHT LEADERSHIPFinTech startups are shaping-up the 21st centu-ry technology and Finance hybrid solutions for efficiency or to get ease in how people transact business and have led to many innovations on lines of digital money, bookkeeping, and many more. This revolution has helped to connect the backend financial transactions come to front and help peo-ple in the way they do business. According to EY's Fintech Adoption Index, one-third of consumers utilize at least two or more fintech services. New technologies, like machine learning/artificial intelli-gence, predictive behavioral analytics and data-driv-en marketing, will take the guesswork & habit out of financial decisions. `Learning' apps will not only learn the habits of users, often hidden to themselves, but will engage users in learning games to make their automatic, unconscious spending and saving decisions better.With non-restrictive regulations in place, I am sure these innovations are here to boost people's time management. Some of them are aggregators or are providing platforms to enable transactions in much more efficient way. This is only going to in-crease `reach' of business.What's your point of view on Bitcoin and the impact of cryptocurrency on financial services?In its current version, a cryptocurrency is a specula-tive instrument; a collapse in its market value would be just a ripple across the financial services industry, still too small to disturb stability or affect the cred-it worthiness of banks we rate. They have attracted a significant amount of attention from the market over the past 12 months. Technology-driven finan-cial services are for sure an enablerFINTECH STARTUPS:GOVERNMENTS & OTHERNON-TRADITIONAL VERTICALSBy Gaurav Pallial, CEO, Citrus Hotels & ResortsCitrus Hotels & Resorts is a leading chain of hotels offering the one-of-its-kind experience with the best-in-class amenities with elegant, unprecedented comfort, fresh ambience, stylish & modern rooms along with an unforgettable experience to its guests.
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