The Kati Roll Shop – An Exclusive Interview of Arnav Bajoria, CEO on the Franchise Restaurant Model

In this video, Arnav shares the inspiration behind opening The Kati Roll Shop and how it is providing franchisee model helping end-to-end from finding the spot to hiring staff and training employees.

ICS – Dr. Amrita Dass, Founder Director, speaks on the need of Career Counselling & Guidance

In this video, Dr. Amrita Dass, Founder Director, Institute for Career Studies, highlights the increasing need of career counselling & guidance in India to bridge the gap between domestic and international education.

Auraa Image Management & Consulting – Samira Chandra Gupta shares the Importance of Image Management

In this video, Samira Chandra Gupta, Founder & Chief Consultant of Auraa Image Management & Consulting (AIMC), shares her valuable insights on the significance of Image Consulting. She walks through her company’s excellence in Image Consulting art that helps one realize their dreams through a holistic inside-out transformation.

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