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Abhishek Tiwari: An Edtech Wizard, Scaling Business To Help Students Succeed

Abhishek Tiwari: An Edtech Wizard, Scaling Business To Help Students Succeed

Abhishek Tiwari,   Business Head

Abhishek Tiwari

Business Head

Over the years, the Edtech industry has witnessed the explosive growth of Mock Test platforms. According to one study, over 1.8 crore students takes these tests every year. With global online learning market expected to reach $107 Bn, a bunch of startups have already started filling in the gaps. One startup competing in this test-prep market is PracticeMock Edtech. PracticeMock strives to be the preferred choice of students preparing for Banking, Insurance, Regulatory and Government exams. Abhishek Tiwari, Business Head at Practice Mock Edtech tells us about the nitty-gritties of the same and how his company is ‘different’ from the rest.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Abhishek opens up about his own experiences and mantras that has kept him up and running in the Edtech industry.

Take us through your educational and professional background. Also, explain your current role and responsibilities at Practice Mock Edtech?
I completed my B.Tech Mechanical Engineering in 2014. Soon after that, I worked for Mahindra in the Research and Development department. Post that, I started an Edtech company by the name Gradark Education that worked for students in the Middle East. However, the company had to be close in December 2020.

Then, I took up the role of Business Head in Practice Mock Edtech. Upon realizing that there still is a lot of work on the marketing front that needs to be done for the company, I decided to look into the business from all end. I take care of aspect of
the both internally and externally.

What are the key aspects of your Edtech platform - Practice Mock Edtech?
We create and provide the best content at the most affordable prices to ensure that aspirants from all economic backgrounds can prepare for and ace these exams. Along with unrelenting focus on the quality of content, we also attempt to provide the most user friendly interface and personalized analytics that help the students to identify their weak areas and improve their performance.

Currently, we are only providing a Mock Test platform for Banking, Insurance, Regulatory and Government jobs. Hopefully soon, we will be introducing GATE and JEE too. Our aim is to be a MockTest platform for all competitive exams. We try to replicate the exam like environment via our Mock Tests for students who fail to clear the exams by instilling in them the speed, accuracy, confidence and the know-how to tackle all types of questions in the limited amount of time they get.

As an industry leader, how do you seek to revolutionize the present day educational framework?
If you see the current ball game of Edtech companies in the country, you’ll notice that there is a plethora of courses and content for the students. However, majority of students feel, they are expensive or unsuitable to their needs. We, at Practice Mock Edtech aim to cater to those from the humble background specifically. We want to provide all the necessary guidance easily, freely and at an affordable rate to all.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
For me, sometimes I take a step back before taking it forward. Very often, we are engrossed with success that we fail to analyse. I think, every now and then, we should do that. Pause. Step back and look at the situation. Focus, take additional opinions, and weigh options and yes, experiment. You’ll definitely find some thing to improve. That, will help you grow as a leader and give better results to
your company.

As the Business Head, how do you organize your day to meet the various demands and commitments required?
My day begins with meditation. It gives me better perspective and calm that is required for me to navigate through the day. I also make sure I wake up early. It gives me more time and space to think. Once I am done with my morning ‘me’ time and switch to work mode, the first thing I do is read customer emails. It’s important to be aware of the feedbacks that are coming your way. That helps us improve the system. Once I am done understand what needs to be faced by the customer support team,I work with other departments, channeling and directing them toward working for one goal, ‘customer satisfaction’.

To help students at the Practice Mock
Edtech achieve their learning objectives, what strategies have you implemented?

First and fore most, we sincerely try to understand the student’s requirements. A lot of students appear in Our Mock Tests and fail to clear them. However, they are not sure of what is lacking and what they need to do to improve their scores. So, we provide free telephonic guidance to students, helping them understand what, when and how they should study. We closely monitor the analytics and approach students accordingly. And Plus, Students can even come on our platform and give free trial test to have better clarity.

Abhishek Tiwari, Business Head, Practice Mock Edtech
Born and raised in UP, Abhishek stock piled experience in the Edtech sector after acquiring a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He believes in finding solutions with a composed mind & adapts a behavioral style to others to enhance his ability to communicate. When he is off his desk, he enjoys road trips and reading books.

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