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Chetan Mitta: An Entrepreneur Who Believes In Innovation & Bridging Industry Gaps

Chetan Mitta: An Entrepreneur Who Believes In Innovation & Bridging Industry Gaps

Chetan Mitta,  Director

Chetan Mitta


The business improvement analysts are specialized in development and implementation of business improvement initiatives to drive efficiency. They ensure effective change management is in place to optimise business value and maximise consistency across the business unit. Chetan Mitta, a hands-on serial entrepreneur with more than 14 years of professional experience is best known for his innovative marketing skill sets, improving sales, process & cost optimization, handling complete finance and ensuring that company maintains positive cash flows.

Chetan Mitta, Director at Legala adds "Legala Group provides tailored solutions to different industries with its diverse expertise and network". In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights magazine, Chetan Mitta talked about his significant role of leadership casting light on his journey, the company and the challenges.

Take us through your educational back-ground. What impact did those experiences have on the way you developed as a leader?
I've done my graduation from VIT which has a traditional yet modern approach at paving my future growth. It's a place where people come from different social, economical and cultural backgrounds.There I had friends from all over India and got a chance to get connected to different synergies and emotions. It taught me the most important quality as a human, that is empathy, which is also a much needed quality in a leader.

Another lesson which is learnt in VIT is networking. The diverse culture and multiple streams of engineering meant I had an open opportunity of meeting and connecting with students from different fields at events activities and so on.

Tell us about your professional background and experiences. What
factors influenced you to establish Legala?
After graduating from VIT, I moved to the US to pursue myMasters in Industrial Engineering from Texas A& M University, College Station. After graduation, I was able to secure a job at the world's second largest mining company where I worked as a business improvement analyst focusing on improving KPIs of all the departments.

We as an organisation believe that it is important to pay attention to details but it is equally important to understand its impact on the business and its people

Post the job at the mining firm, I worked as a Business Improvement Consultant to top mining firms in Canada. After a brief stintI moved back to India and established my own operations consulting firm trying to replicate what I did in the US/Canada. It was during that period that I had the opportunity to meet upcoming manufacturing entrepreneurs and partnered with them to start a medical device manufacturing unit in Hyderabad.

A few years later, I collaborated with my cousins and as a family, using our diverse expertise and network, we formed the Legala Group, a corporate that deals with different Industries.

How would you define Legala as an organization and its position in the market?
Legala is a value driven organization with interests in diversified industries. We give utmost importance to our employees and strongly believe that humanity builds sustaining relationships, which helps in economic development and that in turn, enhances human welfare. Our motto is to provide the world with high quality products and services at their true value.

What are some of the unforgettable challenges you have experienced in your entrepreneurial journey so far? How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?
There were a couple of unforgettable instances. For example we added few features to our manufacturing facility which was not considered in our financials. We were short of funds
and none of the banks were supporting us as it was outside our initial plan. The main lesson we learnt there was that cash flows is the backbone of any business and it needs to be planned out properly by predicting all the risks and pitfalls.

Also, I failed miserably in my first business as an Operations Consultant as I assumed that since it had a lot of demand in the U.S., it would easily work in India. At that time, India was not yet ready to open doors for boutique consulting companies. The lesson I learnt there was that every market is different and independent and that we need to do a lot of ground work, market research and understand the actual pain points that are existent in the market.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
There are multiple mantras we keep in mind for positive outcomes. For instance, we believe that stream-lining processes upfront will put a lot of issues to rest. It may be time consuming in the beginning but once the process is set, the company would be pivoted to an auto mode. Also, every seasoned entrepreneur says persistence is key and from my experiences I believe that it truly is. No matter what business you get into you need to be at the forefront every single day as there is nothing like overnight success.

Going forward, what are the goals that you wish to invest in and how do you plan to take them further?
We are definitely looking at emerging sectors like Healthcare, IT and Finance. We are currently evaluating a few ideas in niche sectors like Nutraceuticals, Mobile Health Deep Tech, Fintech & NBFC and are in talks with few startups for collaboration. We largely plan to invest in technology in our existing companies to streamline & automate processes and to develop tech products with our domain expertise.

Chetan Mitta, Director, Legala
Chetan is an entrepreneur and currently the Director at Legala Group which is a diversified business house. He has more than 14 years of professional experience and is quite passionate about numbers & data. He was graduated with a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas A& M, College Station, US and then had a brief stint working as a Management Consultant for Mining and Oil & Gas companies in the US and Canada.

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