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Dr. Rohan Goyal: Charting A Path For Innovation In Eye Healthcare As CEO Of Sanjeevan

Dr. Rohan Goyal: Charting A Path For Innovation In Eye Healthcare As CEO Of Sanjeevan

  Dr. Rohan Goyal,    CEO

Dr. Rohan Goyal


In the eye healthcare industry, a leader with a vision can play a pivotal role in steering the organization towards advancements in technology, patient care, and overall industry excellence. One such notable leader is Dr. Rohan Goyal, the Chief Executive Officer at Sanjeevan for Perfect Eyesight. With a commitment towards integrating the latest technology in ophthalmology, he ensures that the organization provides optimal and cutting-edge treatments. Dr. Goyal holds an MBBS degree from MGM University, Aurangabad, and a Master of Research from the University of Manchester, UK. His qualifications also include a Diploma in Ophthalmology from Middlesex University, UK, and certification as an acupuncturist, complemented by a Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine. Notably, Dr. Goyal has further enriched his expertise by pursuing Healthcare Management and Data Analytics from IIM Kozhikode. His multifaceted qualifications and dedication to innovation highlights his commitment to advancing eye healthcare at Sanjeevan for Perfect Eyesight. Let’s hear more from him.

Could you provide a brief overview of your professional background and experiences, along with the motivation that drives your daily routines?
I embarked on my professional journey by delving into regenerative medicine at the University of Manchester, UK, where I gained insights into stem cells and tissue regeneration. Subsequently, I pursued studies in Ophthalmology at Middlesex University, UK. After a six-month stint at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, I realized the pressing need for advanced medical technologies in my home country, particularly given the high incidence of eye disorders in India.

Upon returning to India, I embraced the principles of Integrative Medicine, amalgamating various treatment modalities to achieve optimal outcomes for genetic eye
disorders. AdditionallyI recently obtained a Healthcare Management and Data Analytics Certificate from IIM Kozhikode.

What propels me is the awareness that many individuals seek 'hope' for medical conditions lacking conventional treatments. Through integrative medicine, we have the opportunity to address this gap and provide solutions. This conviction motivates me to strive for excellence each day.

With more than a decade of experience, could you share your journey to success and unveil your key principles for achieving it?
My success mantra revolves around empowering the team to operate at their full potential, striving to improve their performance daily.

My success mantra revolves around the philosophy of 'fail fast but fail differently,' I believe that learning from mistakes and promptly taking corrective measures is crucial for success in any career

Tell us about Sanjeevan for Perfect Eyesight as an entity.
Sanjeevan for Perfect Eye sight is a visionary eye care clinic, dedicated to advancing holistic treatments in India. Renowned for its reliability, cutting-edge practices, and unwavering patient-centric approach, the organization operates seamlessly, akin to a united army with a singular goal patient success. Committed to expanding the horizons of eye care, Sanjeevan stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the field.

Share insights into your leadership style. What principles or methodologies guide your role as a leader?
I believe in empowering my team by fostering a culture of alignment with the organizations goals. Once the team is culturally attuned, providing them with autonomy becomes crucial for learning and growth, avoiding repeated mistakes. Mentorship plays a pivotal role team members are encouraged to seek help without hesitation when facing challenges. This approach aims to create a collaborative and supportive environment within the organization.
Identify the current obstacles preventing individuals from adopting healthy lifestyle choices and propose solutions.
Widespread dependence on screens and technology has eroded the human touch, exacerbated by the growing influence of AI. To counter this, it is imperative to use AI judiciously, preserving the essential human element in business. The solution lies in maintaining a connection with our human roots, acknowledging our origins, and prioritizing human connections amidst technological advancements.

What is the envisioned destination for your organization in the future?
Our organizational future is centered on reaching and providing treatment to a wide global audience, particularly addressing genetic issues lacking a cure. The urgency arises from the hindrance to leading functional and joyful lives due to pervasive misinformation. Our current objective is to reach and treat a minimum of 100,000 individuals by 2030, fostering awareness and ensuring access to solutions for a better quality of life. We aim to open branches of Sanjeevan in more parts of the world, especially where there are predispositions of genetic disorders, so that the maximum number of individuals can reap the benefits of decades of research and experience in patient-care.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the upcoming healthcare industry leaders?
My advice would be to always think of holistic solutions. Be open to the ideas of incorporating newer combinations of treatments. Integrative medicine is the future of healthcare around the world. Have a “never say never” attitude not just to run your business, but even to provide treatment for people suffering through devastating problems.

Dr. Rohan Goyal, CEO, Sanjeevan
Dr. Rohan Goyal, CEO of Sanjeevan for Perfect Eyesight, leads the organization with a focus on integrating cutting-edge technology in ophthalmology. His extensive qualifications, including MBBS, a Master's from the University of Manchester, and healthcare management, highlight his commitment to advancing eye healthcare.

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