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Gyan Raunak : Driving Innovation & Growth In Digital Advertising

Gyan Raunak : Driving Innovation & Growth In Digital Advertising

Gyan Raunak,   Director

Gyan Raunak


As the digital advertising landscape becomes increasingly competitive, the leadership and educational skills of professionals like Gyan Raunak are quite important. Currently working as a Director at PUBMATIC, a leading digital advertising technology company, Gyan has played a vital role in driving the success of multiple teams under him. Through his innovative strategies and commitment to excellence, he has helped his teams stay ahead of the curve and transformed them to form an important part of the whole PUBMATIC ecosystem, thereby contributing significantly to the company’s continued success.

Gyan’s impact extends beyond his educational skills in Information Science & Engineering. As a leader, he is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration that has helped his teams thrive at PUBMATIC. He has also been an able communicator facilitating important client interactions. Here’s an overview of our recent interaction with him.

Throw some light on your professional background and experiences. Also, what motivates you to carry out your daily routines?
I hail from the city of Patna in Bihar, with a Bachelor's degree in Information Science & Engineering from Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore. I have worked with companies like Infosys, Cognizant before, and am working in PUBMATIC since 2016, with currently being the Director of two global teams.

As a Director, I am committed to ensuring operational excellence and devising strategies that optimize and increase revenue contribution. My expertise in building teams from scratch and developing service delivery models has been instrumental in achieving outstanding results. Additionally, I am creating an inhouse Subject Matter Expertise Framework for Operations Teams, which shall significantly enhance operational efficiency.

My motivation comes from being a part of the dynamic digital advertising industry, where I continuously strive to find innovative
solutions to complex problems. Growing up, my parents instilled in me the value of being true to myself, which has shaped my character. Furthermore, the unwavering support of my wife has been a driving force to be the best in whatever I do.

Successful leaders continuously work to improve their skills & are committed to achieving goals for the company while also supporting their team members in the most transparent manner possible

Can you describe PUBMATIC as an organization and its present market position?
PUBMATIC is an independent technology company that maximizes customer value by providing the future of digital advertising's supply chain. Since 2006, PUBMATIC's infrastructure-driven approach has allowed for efficient realtime data processing and utilization. By delivering scalable and flexible programmatic innovation, PUBMATIC enhances outcomes for customers while supporting a transparent and vibrant digital advertising supply chain.

An established player in the digital advertising sector with a global presence and a strong reputation for innovation and performance, PUBMATIC has consistently been recognized as a leader in the industry, receiving numerous awards and accolades for its technology, services, and overall performance.

Can you share your leadership approach and the methods or principles you employ to guide your team?
I believe in incorporating the following key principles of effective leadership into my personality: Setting clear goals and expectations: A good leader must clearly communicate their vision and goals to the team in a simple manner and ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. I encourage my team to ask questions to ensure clarity Providing guidance and support: I strive to provide my team with the resources, training, and support they need to succeed Leading by example: Leaders should exhibit the behavior they want to see in their team members and demonstrate a strong work ethic and commitment to their goals. Additionally, leaders should prioritize the team over themselves, which is challenging, but something I actively practice; Emphasizing ownership: I urge my team members
to take ownership of their work and feel like an integral part of the PUBMATIC ecosystem.

As an accomplished Director, what do you think distinguishes successful leaders from others?
Successful leaders possess several traits, including a clear vision, strategic thinking, effective communication, emotional intelligence, adaptability, integrity, and empowerment. They can anticipate market changes and trends, communicate, and make SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) for their teams, build strong relationships, manage emotions, respond quickly to changes, act with honesty and transparency, and empower their team members. Successful leaders continuously work to improve their skills and abilities and are committed to achieving their goals while also supporting their team members.

Can you share a memorable moment or achievement from your career?
In my tenth grade, while studying at the International School in Patna, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with our Indian President at the time, APJ Abdul Kalam. I was seated at a place inside the Governor's House where I even got the chance to answer one of his questions through the microphone. This experience was published in the Hindustan newspaper, and it was an unforgettable moment in my life. Such moments can inspire and motivate us to pursue our passions and achieve our goals.

Based on your extensive experience in the industry, what advice would you give to aspiring industry leaders?
To be a successful leader, aspiring leaders should focus on developing a clear vision that aligns with the company's mission and motivates and aligns their team towards a common goal. They should also invest in building strong relationships with their team, clients, and partners and create an environment that fosters collaboration and communication. Additionally, it is crucial to stay up to date with industry trends and developments, empower their team members, be agile and adaptable, and encourage experimentation and calculated risks.

Gyan Raunak, Director, PubMatic
Gyan Raunak is a Director at PUBMATIC with over 11 years of work experience and is currently based in Pune, India. He has been delivering operational excellence across cross-functional GTM teams and has experience in growing teams across different verticals. A Graduate of Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Gyan defines himself as a technologist, mentor, traveler, and nature lover at heart.

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