Ritesh Mamodiya: Transforming Ideas To Success Stories Through Exceptional Business Insights | CEOInsights Vendor
Ritesh Mamodiya: Transforming Ideas To Success Stories Through Exceptional Business Insights

Ritesh Mamodiya: Transforming Ideas To Success Stories Through Exceptional Business Insights

  Ritesh Mamodiya,     Managing Director

Ritesh Mamodiya

Managing Director

The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that guarantees failure is not taking risks”, Mark Zuckerberg. Ritesh Mamodiya, Managing Director, Techwheels takes this philosophy as the mantra to his success. He too believes that success comes to those who are willing to take the risk for it. The seasoned entrepreneur began his career at a very early age and ever since then, he has been excelling in diversified business verticals. Known as a startup mentor, he has invested in numerous startups as an angel investor and helped them to take their ideas to the next level.

He plays the role of an invaluable source of motivation and wisdom for many budding entrepreneurs and inspires them to leave their comfort zone. An industry expert who believes in staying one step ahead of the constantly changing market, Ritesh has succeeded in creating a benchmark in every field of business that he has stepped into. His extraordinary knowledge of digitalization & Automation has helped Techwheels to implement new digital-enabled services and provide important benefits to the businesses. Ritesh is a business catalyst who is determined, dedicated, persevering, patient, and a great decision-maker. Let’s hear it from him.

Take us through your professional journey. What inspired you to take up the leadership role at Techwheels?
I started my first industrial oil refinery at the age of 18 in North India. Our venture adopted new technologies and within a short span of time, we were able to gain 50 percent of the market share in Rajasthan. While pursuing my MBA,
I started telecom retail & distribution of IT Products startup i-Switch. I was able to create platforms for many leading brands like Blackberry, LG, Samsung, Imate & More. Soon enough I came to be known as the Father of Smartphones in North India. By 2014, I entered TATA Motors and with my expertise in automation & digitalization, I became the youngest SIF board member of the company. My biggest takeaway from the telecom industry was the transformation from Feature phone to Smart Phones, i.e., 2G to 3G. I saw a similar potential for change in the automotive industry where EV is taking over IC engines. This transformational opportunity made me invest in Techwheels.

I have always believed in transforming crises into opportunities and because of this very thought, today, I am successfully mentoring startups and leading multiple businesses

What are the learnings & experiences that you acquired from ISB Hyderabad and how do you apply them in your current role?
ISB has played a major role in shaping my life and my visions for different business verticals. The training and mentorship that the place has offered have helped me to build successful business enterprises and design better lives for others. It helped me learn to strategize, as Strategy is the brain of business. It helped me to understand why would anyone want to be led by me, and it helped me to understand true leadership roles. I learned to design forward looking strategy.

How would you define Techwheels as an organization and its position in the market?
Techwheels is recognized as one of the top automobile dealerships in
Rajasthan with the highest NPS score. And this has only become possible with the adaptation of new technology and new business model by rewriting the rules of game: Good strategy execution, Bottom up Approach, recognizing the crises with a new mindset and the use of automation, digitalization, and IoT in operations. Our approach have the latest techniques of automation and distillation which create an iconic experience for our clients.

What are some of the major challenges you have experienced while leading the venture? How did you overcome them?
The major roadblock for me was creating an acceptance within my team for the changing technological advancements. I had a tough time making them believe in technology and making them comfortable in the newly adapted environment. I kept them motivating and providing them with continuous training which helped them to fit into the digital era.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
I believe progress is impossible without change. Hence, my mantra for success is to be able to change my mindset with time and grow with the growing technologies. What has made me successful is my ability to take risks and the right decisions at the right time. I have always believed in transforming crises into opportunities and because of this very thought today I am successfully leading multiple businesses.

Ritesh Mamodiya, Managing Director, Techwheels
Having pursued GMPin Business administration from ISB, Ritesh is an angel investor in many startups. As per his business portfolio, he has expertise across various industry verticals, including Telecom & IT distribution , Warehousing & Logistics, Hospitality & Automobile Business. As the Group Managing Director of Techwheels, he is taking the business to greater heights.

•Hobbies:Motor Sport
•Favorite Cuisine:North Indian
•Favorite Travel Destination: Himalayas
•Awards & Recognition:Featured in Forbes & CNBC under the title Intuitive Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Startup Mentor

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