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Ronak Modi : A Passionate Leader Delivering Value Via Quality Steel Tubes

Ronak Modi : A Passionate Leader Delivering Value Via Quality Steel Tubes

 Ronak Modi ,  Managing Partner

Ronak Modi

Managing Partner

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that count' - Winston Churchill. This quote resonates deeply with Ronak Modi - Managing Partner of Shreeji Steel Tubes - who grew up witnessing the entrepreneurial journey of his father and uncle. Seeing them overcome challenges and build successful businesses fueled Ronak's entrepreneurial aspirations. Inspired by their determination and resilience, Ronak embarked on his own venture, determined to make a mark in the business world. In 2011, after accumulating significant experience, Ronak launched Shreeji Steel Tubes, which specializes in steel tubes within the metal industries. Today, Shreeji Steel Tubes is one of the leading distributors, stockiest, and supplier of Iron & Steel products. I also thank my father’s business associates from the same industry, who shaped my ideas since childhood. Circa 2024 – I am driven by a vision to be a quality driven steel tubes behemoth whom my customers can trust!!

In this interview with CEO Insights, Ronak shares insights into his entrepreneurial journey and highlights his personal experience.

How would you define Shreeji Steel Tubes as an organization and where it's positioned in today's market?

Shreeji Steel Tubes is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company based in Mumbai. We are known for a widest range of superior quality steel tubes, affirming our reputation as the House of Quality Steel Tubes. Our commitment to meeting customer needs under one roof is evident in our extensive range of steel tubes, including GI, MS, and GP ERW Round Pipe, Structural Hollow Sections (Circular (CHS), Square (SHS), and Rectangular (RHS) in all steel grades YST210/YST240/ YST310/YST355), Seamless Pipes, Spiral Welded Pipes, and other MS/Galvanized Steel products, available in all sizes.

With a vast storage capacity spanning approximately 84,000 square feet in Kalamboli, a key steel market hub in Maharashtra, we are uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality products in desired sizes and quantities not only in Mumbai and Maharashtra but also across major regions in India. Our large customer base and strategic approach to
product acquisition have enabled us to build a loyal customer portfolio.

How do you approach leadership, and what values characterize your leadership style?

My approach to leadership has evolved over time. Initially, I was very hands-on, trying to handle everything myself without dele-gating enough. However, as the company has grown significantly, I've come to realize the importance of having a strong team. I have started delegating tasks and have already implemented a team structure. Additionally, I have the support of my active father and my wife, who manage the accounts. They play key roles in monitoring the team's performance. Moving forward, we plan to further professionalize the team by appointing domain experts to manage different functions.

Our vision is to establish a presence at a national level, ensuring that customers who value quality & variety of products are drawn to us through our reputation & positive word of mouth

How do you stay updated with the latest industry trends?

In our industry, staying updated with the latest trends is a continuous effort that revolves around effective networking. Networking plays a crucial role as it allows us to connect with key players, stay informed about market dynamics, and anticipate upcoming trends. As a company associated with top brands in India, maintaining strong networks is essential for us to remain competitive and relevant in the industry.

Our years of experience and established reputation have positioned us well to leverage these networks effectively. We actively engage with industry experts, attend relevant conferences and seminars, and keep a close eye on market developments. This proactive approach enables us to not only stay informed about current trends but also anticipate future shifts in consumer preferences, technology advancements, and regulatory changes.

Being at the forefront of our industry means being adaptable and responsive to changes. We are confident in our ability to adapt quickly to emerging trends, innovate our product line, and maintain our position as a leader in the market. This commitment to staying updated and leveraging our networks ensures that we continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers and drive growth in our

What are your goals and future aspirations for the next five years?

Currently, we are experiencing significant growth, driven by our efforts and vision. We believe this growth trajectory will lead us to new opportunities and milestones in the business. One of our primary objectives in the coming years is to reach every customer segment across India, expanding beyond our current base in Mumbai and the western region. Our vision is to establish a presence at a national level, ensuring that customers who value quality and variety of products are drawn to us through our reputation and positive word of mouth.

We take pride in our company's commitment to ethics and principles, valuing customer input and embodying a culture of quality in everything we do. Our company's tagline, 'House of Quality Steel Tubes,' reflects this ethos. As we look at our current standing, we are eager for growth, fueled by India's ongoing economic expansion. Our goal is to double our product (SKU) range in the steel tubes & steel category in the coming years.

Drawing from your extensive experience in the mining and metal industry, what advice would you give to future leaders entering this domain?

My advice for future leaders entering the mining and metal industry is rooted in foundational principles. Firstly, there's no replacement for hard work; it forms the core of success in this field. Having a clear vision is crucial, as it guides your actions and decisions while upholding ethical standards under all circumstances.

Another key aspect is never compromising on quality. Quality is not just a standard; it's a commitment that builds trust with stakeholders and ensures long-term success. Finally, always prioritize ethics and principles. These values are the backbone of sustainable business practices and contribute to earning respect and credibility in the industry.

Ronak Modi, Managing Partner, Shreeji Steel Tubes

Ronak Modi is a driven entrepreneur with a strong background in business development and strategic planning. His leadership style is characterized by a focus on innovation, quality, and ethical practices.

•Hobbies:Traveller, Music, Photo-graphy, Movies, Sports
•Favorite Cuisine: Indian, Asian, Ita-lian
•Favorite Book:The Monk who Sold Ferrari, Zero to One
•Favorite Travel Destination: Lon-don, Los Angeles

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